Door Stops 60mm with Rubber Bumper for Floor Wall Mount, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Door Stopper Wedge with Screw, 3M Self Adhesive Tape No Need to Drill for Preventing Door Hitting Wall

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Quick Details

  • Material:304 Stainless Steel
  • gross weight:200.00 g

Item details

PERFECT PROTECTION: The proven DH304 wall and floor door stop reliably protects your wall from ugly scratches and dents with its extra-soft rubber doorstop.
EASY ASSEMBLY: Thanks to the assembly accessories (fixing screws + dowels) as well as the easy-to-understand assembly , the door wall protector can be easily attached using just one drill hole.
HIGHEST QUALITY: The special material selection, combined with the high quality standards of deerhardware, guarantee a long-lasting, high-quality rubber door buffer at a low price!
MODERN DESIGN: The special appearance makes the door blocker in silver a real eye-catcher.
VERSATILE APPLICATION: Our door stoppers are ideal for mounting on wood, concrete, and other materials in your house. Whether in the hallway, the kitchen or in the children's room.

Top review

lindaJanuary 21, 2021
Excellent product, sturdy and well worth the price!
VictoriaJanuary 13, 2021
I’m super happy with this doorstop. It seems very nice quality. Our garage door is heavy & swings closed by itself. It’s hard to keep it open when you’re trying to bring in things like groceries. I’ve tried other door stops but they can’t hold the door or they get lost. This holds strong and is easy to push down with your foot, especially nice when your hands are full. Then when you’re done you just tap your foot on the lever & it folds back up! If you have a drill this is very easy & fast to install. I highly recommend!
JAWZTAWZJanuary 05, 2021
I love this Kick Down door stopper! It is 100 times nicer than my old one that I bought at Home Depot.
Plus I love the fact that you can push down on the release, this is very important because with the old one my family would push and pull with their foot, and doing that would eventually loosen the screws and I would have to remount the stopper leaving holes in the door :(.
All in all this is a great product that functions perfectly and easily!
LindsayDecember 28, 2020
Now, getting installed was a little tricky for me but I was able to do it! They are able to hold the doors just fine! We have a garage door I wanted held open for when we bring in groceries. But if any windows are open or doors anywhere else on main floor the door slams shut with a lot of force, having this installed has prevented that from happening. It was totally needed to pre drill through the metal door but I went on the small side so the screw would catch and stay and I used lock tight. Then I put one on my bedroom door, I have french doors and when the one is open it will always half close, I pre drilled the wood and this was easy to put on and it works totally well! I used these only for holding doors open, and not for keep a door from opening in case someone tried pushing in my door. So there is that.

What I love about these after they were installed is that I use my foot to kick it down into place and then I just step on the lever that went with it and it pops back up! I don't have to get under it and try to prop it up, just push down and it goes! really easy to use when installed!

My rating
5 star - I really like this item, really made me go wow you should get this
4 star- I like this item and it is fine, but didn't go wow you need this
3 star- this item is alright but has a few flaws
2 star- quiet a few flaws I would totally go somewhere else
1 star- junk no good don't waste your time.
CustomerDecember 20, 2020
Quick shipping from warehouse.
I can't install and read Chinese Word manual.
Not bad.
wowzers91December 12, 2020
Not heavy duty or tough. 2 of the first 3 screws I used snapped apart while screwing it in. The rest of the product may be completely fine, but it's really sad it was accompanied with cheap screws
CustomerDecember 04, 2020
Love it wife loves it. Nuff said
Purchasing Dept.November 26, 2020
These are great!! The install was simple and the ability to use the one-touch feature is fantastic. We ordered two of them, and so far they have been fantastic.

I can't begin to think of a downside for these door stops and really appreciate how well they hold the door open and also 'retract' up fully to be out of the way when not in use.
PhilNovember 18, 2020
Work great and easy to install.
VilmaNovember 10, 2020
Using this on my front shop door and its great. Was easy to install and been holding up so far great.

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