4-inch self-adhesive high-quality bright-colored aluminum house number and street address number for residential and mailbox signs

Min. Order: 10 pcs

$1.3910 pcs+

$0.9940 pcs+

$0.8980 pcs+



Ready to ship in 2–5 business days
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Quick Details

  • Material:Aluminium
  • Size:100*40*9mm
  • gross weight:90.00 g

Item details

The aluminum numbering looks exquisite, you can easily find your house/office/room.
These numbers are metal-plated, arc-shaped, and self-adhesive.
Easy to install, no screws and drilling, just peeling and sticking, sturdy and durable, with good waterproof effect.
These number sets can be applied to any surface that is smooth, clean and dry enough, such as mailboxes, crafts, house doors, apartments, apartments, hotels, signs, business places, etc. It can also be signs or signs, outdoor billboard phone numbers, Car number etc.

Top review

Heather DayApril 18, 2023
Can be found at your local big box hardware store for around the same price. The template provided needs to be used, you HAVE to follow the instructions. Be extra careful with the spokes, as we had one break off in the number just like other reviews did. We super-glued it back on. These are not the highest quality of product out there - so be patient if you really want to make this modern design work for you. You cannot skip the step of making larger holes and filling them with caulk or adhesive - we tried. The problem is the item is imperfect. If you try to make the holes as big as the spokes, the template will not line up. They make you drill larger holes to make room for the variation in the imperfections. This is not a project that can be completed in one afternoon - it will take time over 2 days, so if you are planning to install before a big event, give yourself lots of time! After the struggle, we are satisfied with the result, just make sure you have someone you consider to be handy around if you are not.
BMApril 01, 2023
The font goes perfectly with my mid-century modern home. I bought 1 of the 4 numerals I needed before I ordered the rest just to check out the quality. These are definitely nice quality numerals, though probably not the highest quality. For the price, they are excellent. They are made of metal (some other reviewer said they were plastic; they're not). However, I believe these would serve best if viewed from a distance. Up close, you can make out either imperfections from the molding process, fine lines from the polishing/burr removal process, or both. From a distance it is not an issue, but if you wanted to use them, say, on an office reception area wall where people could get a close look, you may want to find higher quality numerals.

I accidentally discovered an alternative to using the templates found folded in cardboard package backing (which I didn't know were there until afterwards). The plastic packaging front is "molded" to the exact shape as the numeral. I glued each plastic "mold" onto a piece of wood and arranged them exactly like I wanted the numerals lined up on my mounting surface. I then dropped the metal numerals loose into the "molds" and they were are lined up and nicely spaced and leveled as I wanted them. I wanted to float mount them on a metal I-Beam and did not (could not) drill holes onto the steel as directed to float mount them with the included hardware. I ended up hack sawing off the part of the float mounts that were supposed to sink into the mounting surface. This left a flat metal mount that I applied glue (J-B Weld) to mount them on the I-Beam. I just had to carefully position the piece of wood with the pre-aligned plastic "molds" and press the whole set of numerals directly on the I-Beam all at once. I secured the piece of wood so it put even pressure on the numerals and gave the glue time to dry. Once done, I just lifted off the "molds" and I had a perfectly aligned set of numbers.
FiestaLoverMarch 15, 2023
Great bronze color, easy to use, they are staying in place. Size is great, numbers are on a front porch post and are visible from the road. However, I purchased two number 1s and two number 2s. The number 1s are not the same rich bronze color as the number 2s. They are very pale and don't match. I am disappointed.
SLBFebruary 26, 2023
worked beautifully, they also sent several extra sheets , what a bonus.
JPRchitectFebruary 09, 2023
Love these house letters. I installed them on a rare wood for my home and it turned out great! Just make sure your holes are as exact as possible. There isn't much wiggle room.
KitemanJanuary 23, 2023
Missing the zeros
Steven MengeJanuary 06, 2023
The numbers warped, curled, and fell off after 1 day outside in the sun.
BDecember 20, 2022
Love these numbers for the front of our house.
Actually, a half star deduction because if wanting to mount in floating style, you'll probably need to purchase longer screws.
The finish and weight of these seem to project they will wear well through weather. The size and clarity of these are perfect for visibility and style.
Only reason for one star deduction, is that if you are wanting to install these in a floating fashion - - - that is so they stand out away from the siding/wall, you will most likely need to purchase longer mounting screws/nails. The mounting screws that come with these are roughly only about 1 1/2" long.
If mounting flush with the house, no problem - - - that's plenty enough length to securely mount them.
If you intend on mounting these so they float away from the house, we didn't feel that just 1/2" inch embedded into the siding was secure enough. Not that we expected anyone to come along and pull them out, but the fact that I could easily jiggle and pull them out with just my fingers, made us look for longer mounting screws. Very easy and inexpensive to find longer screws at Lowes.
Now they float away from the house and feel very securely fastened as well.
Robert WelchDecember 03, 2022
Ease of Use - Mailbox
johnNovember 16, 2022
does the job

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