2.36 inch (60 mm) high Self-adhesive modern door plaque house number hotel door address digital sticker sign mailbox numbers

Min. Order: 10 PCS

$0.9910 PCS+

$0.6920 PCS+

$0.59500 PCS+



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Quick Details

  • Material:ABS plastic
  • gross weight:30.00 g

Item details

Usage: outdoor/indoor
Available numbers: 0-9
Material: ABS plastic
The usage method is very simple, you can clean the target area first. Then tear off the protective film behind the number, and paste it on the target area in the last step.
Installation is convenient and quick, and the service life is long.

Top review

L. L.April 28, 2023
I purchased this brass number to replace an older Brass number that was barely visible, and pitted and dull from time. However, when this one arrived, I peeled off the dusty looking plastic covering. I polished it with a soft cloth, and noticed a scratch. It is also a VERY THIN slice of brass, VERY THIN. I rubbed and still couldn't get out the scratch. Still I overlooked it. GOOD LUCK trying to install it on vinyl siding, or anywhere else! The screws are barely an inch long, and are thin as a pin..(also GOOD LUCK) trying to find a screwdriver small enough to screw in 2 pin thin sized "nail screws" They're REALLY as thin as pins! I kid you not, they are this thin! The tiny holes already cut out, can't hold even a trimming type of nail, (if you wanted to try that method to install). Finally, I had to carefully cut out some velcro and use that to try sticking it on my home, but gave up.. I would NOT recommend this waste of money and time. The only reason I didn't return it, is because it would have cost more to ship back than it's worth. It's a VERY THIN NUMBER TOO..I'm not going to try anymore to attempt to secure it to the house, not worth the time.
Albert L. NelmsApril 03, 2023
Works as advertised.
MaineIslandBlueMarch 09, 2023
Perfect size, a little contemporary, and very 'neat' looking. Really, the perfect solution to numbering a house.I highly recommend these though!
RockgurlFebruary 12, 2023
I was so proud of myself because I put in a new mailbox all by myself never having done that before. I even laid the concrete. I was so happy with it that I decided I needed some numbers that reflected how proud I was of my project. These numbers were absolutely perfect. They look like metal and are so classy you'd never guess that they were plastic. They totally look like aged bronze. They stick really well too. We've had a bunch of rain over the past month but they look as good as they did the day I put them on. I'm extremely happy and you will be too.
ericaJanuary 18, 2023
Easy to put up. Sticks to the brick on my house very well.
John MartinDecember 24, 2022
Looks great on the house!
Rochelle CheefoonNovember 29, 2022
great product, Im definitely gonna recommend this to everyone! I love it, its pure brass so it shines very nicely
D LNovember 04, 2022
I previously acquired a set of numbers by the Hillman Group here on deerhardware. The numbers themselves were OK if you could get them off the backing paper. The problem was that those numbers had been cut through into the backing paper so when trying to peel them off, a layer of the backing would come off with the numbers.

No such problem with these Hy-Ko numbers. The Hillman set also proved to be problematic regarding rain resistance. Even though I'd sealed them with a coat of semi-gloss clear paint, they still tended to peel off at the edges of the garbage cans.

Another thing I liked about the Hy-Ko is the packaging states how many of what numbers are included in the package. Not all numbers are represented in the same quantity in the two sets, but the Hy-Ko shows you what you have.

These 3" numbers are just right for marking addresses on outdoor plastic garbage cans.
snorkieOctober 10, 2022
Hefty numbers and well made you won't be sorry purchasing these beauties.
CustomerSeptember 15, 2022
cheaply made

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