The basic conditions for home design

2021-04-17 19:07:41 • by deer hadware

When people carry out various activities in the indoor space, each relatively independent activity needs a relatively independent space;
The transition from a relatively independent activity to another relatively independent activity requires a traffic space, such as an aisle. People's indoor behavior patterns and norms affect the layout of space. In turn, the layout of space helps guide and regulate people's behavior patterns.
In addition, when people are indoors, in addition to the physical needs of space, they also include the size and shape of space, furnishings, traffic, fire safety, sound, light, and thermal physical environment, etc.; there are also spiritual needs. It refers to whether the spatial form and characteristics can reflect the enjoyment of taste and beauty, and whether it can benignly induce people's psychological emotions. From this perspective, it is not difficult to understand the formation, function and layout characteristics of various indoor spaces

1. Pay attention to the structural design of the building itself

Which are load-bearing walls, which are non-load-bearing walls, the direction of the pipeline, the position of the beams, etc., only when you have a detailed understanding of the original structure, can you modify and beautify them based on this standard. Second, we must pay attention to the rationality of the use of functions. When designing, we should not blindly pursue the so-called innovation and individuality-we must leave the user with a convenient and comfortable feeling in life. This is a good design solution.

2. Design an elegant and comfortable living space

Specifically, in the home decoration design, the design of the shape should be concise and generous, and it will give people a beautiful visual enjoyment on the premise of not wasting the owner's use space.
In the selection of materials, environmentally friendly materials should be the first choice. After the keynote of the big design is determined, the materials should be selected around the center for texture and color. For example, when designing the living room, pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of the activity space.
The bedroom and study are private spaces. In addition to sound insulation, ventilation, heat preservation, comfort, etc., the decoration and color matching must also reflect the owner's hobbies and personality.
The design of the kitchen and bathroom should focus on reasonable arrangements. Since the space of the kitchen and bathroom is generally small, the oil fume and humidity are large, and ventilation is the most important.

3. Attention should also be paid to the design of other links

The anti-slip of the ground and the anti-pollution of the wall top, and the scrubbing resistance cannot be ignored. In short, when designing home furnishings, it is necessary to reflect the personality of the owner and the creativity of the designer under the premise of reasonable use of functions.

Decoration tips
The overall home improvement refers to the planning and matching of the interior space of the house to meet the requirements of customers. Simply put, it is a unified design for hard renovation and soft renovation. According to the design and customer needs, the colors and styles of furniture, home appliances, fabrics, ornaments, pendants, and indoor plants are matched to achieve a unified and complete design. Effect, convey the life philosophy of designers and customers.

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