Idea 57 Sewing chic fashions for the home

2021-06-30 09:42:14 • by deer hardware

The old-fashioned sewing machine was left unused in the corner, silently recalling the glory of youth; the cloth frame used to display the fabric has also lost its former elegance. As for the room that belongs to them, it is not difficult to imagine how lonely it should be.

However, in the hands of the fashion designer, the heavy and crisp sound of scissors and creaking sewing turned that silence into joy.

The designer's room is nothing special, and even looks a bit embarrassing compared to a luxurious residence, but I think the decoration of this house is absolutely unique in the world.

The black and white style determines the bright and simple theme, while the artistic conception is expressed in the small details of the interior.

The back chair wrapped in mercerized fabric has smooth and round lines, and the dotted bow behind the back chair makes the back chair look like a pure girl.

Tablecloths and bed skirts with rich folds drag on the floor long, like the skirt of a dancing girl, soft and graceful.

The bed tail lamp wrapped in fabric is soft and comfortable, so that the delicate silk fabric can avoid the worry of being intimacy.

The fabrics and patterns of the cushions are very simple, but the pleated lotus leaf decoration makes them look gorgeous and plump in volume.

The four decorative paintings above the bed head are taken from the pattern of the wallpaper waistline, which makes the originally complicated bed head wall harmonized.

The pattern of the chair fabric is composed of several fashion pictures, and the bow knots decorated on both sides of the chair back make the chair more chic and elegant.

The decorative styles of fashion are ever-changing, and they can be a good reference for home soft decoration. After simple improvements, they have received unexpected results. Driven by a style, in addition to high-key color to show the characteristics, you can also choose to use patterns, shapes and other low-key expressions. They can be three-dimensional decorations or flat patterns, which will test the designer's design style.

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