Idea 63 The fairy tale world in the pastoral

2021-07-06 09:22:22 • by deer hardware

On the coastline of Cape Forth Bay, there is an ordinary farm, which is so ordinary that it does not show its characteristics at all. However, since the James family moved here, the ingenious transformation has given it a beautiful pastoral atmosphere.

The James family used to live in a Victorian-style house. After a leisurely walk, it happened to pass by here. At that time, it had brown mud walls and brick pillars, which looked so shabby, but the price was surprisingly expensive. But the James and his wife decided to buy it.

James's wife happens to be a very individual designer. Her extraordinary vision makes her very good at discovering potential things, and she can always find beauty in ordinary things.

They divided the whole farm into four parts. In addition to their daily life house, they also built a garden house named Aloe as Mrs. James's studio; and built a double-storey single-family house at the end of the driveway. The villa is James’ living activity center: In addition, a small house with a fence color was built to be rented out to people who come here on holiday.

The front entrance of the farm can always attract a lot of passing eyes. The spacious porch is randomly placed with suitable easy chairs, and the two antique suitcases under the shutters become a simple coffee table. It is a comfortable leisure environment in the daylight. There was an air of idleness underneath.

The small living room is full of stage features, and the colorful furniture and carpets set off the environment very warmly. The walls were full of picture frames, and it seemed that they were reluctant to leave a little blank. The photo frames on the table seemed a bit crowded. Floor lamps and candlesticks guarded the sides of the windows, dutifully ensuring the light in the dark. Fortunately, the windows are open and connected to the garden, allowing sunlight and air to enter and exit freely.

The agarwood of time exuded in the living room. A handsome table from the Regency period, a French cabinet of inexplicable age, a brass candlestick from the Tsarist period, and antique mirrors from Greece. Each piece is the owner's heirloom.

The red master bedroom brings the master's exquisite feelings to the extreme. A baroque-style sofa chair, several equally exquisite picture frames, and classically patterned curtains make people feel like they have returned to the time when they were extravagant.

Compared with adults, children are the happiest. They often chase each other and play in and out of the room.

The six-year-old could already enjoy entertainment time quietly by himself. His room is very casually decorated, without deliberately detailed performance, but a boyish space is created with blue, and his mother hopes that he can grow up freely here.He can often play jigsaw puzzles seriously on the low table alone.

Two-year-old Ruby could not tell what kind of room she liked, but her mother still created a pink princess room for her. Not only the pink walls, furniture and carpets, but also pink lattice curtains hung on the four corners of the big-poster bed, a small bed with a sleeping teddy bear, and a wicker chair full of baby bears.

Here, everyone has an ideal living environment, an ordinary farm has become an intoxicating paradise, and the James family enjoys family happiness.

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