Idea 55 Experience the romance of living elsewhere

2021-06-25 12:04:37 • by deer hardware

Josephine was born and spent his childhood in Malaysia. Later, he returned to his hometown of England to go to school with his parents. A few years later, he went to Italy to study art and language alone. After finishing a trip to Kenya and Egypt, she fell in love with the vastness of Africa. Twenty years later, Josephine still stays on the land of South Africa. She settled her home on the busiest street in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa.

The home is an old white building. After years of baptism, it still shows the primitive tranquility and remoteness in the downtown.

The courtyard is surrounded by a white cloister and is integrated with the white house. The greenery in the corridors bloomed with life in every corner, soft vines lingering lingeringly, as if nostalgic for the past. The afternoon sun sprinkled in spots from among the vines, making the whole environment somewhat soft. An old wooden table is permeated with simplicity and weight, exuding a strong human touch, creating an atmosphere of romance and nostalgia.

The living room is a completely open space, like an extension of the courtyard, transparent and bright. The wide glass windows keep the wind and rain out, but the sun shines in unobstructedly. The main tone of the wall is gray-brown and blue, and the simple colors make people feel the peace of the face at the moment of eye contact. The soft sofa and the hand-made rattan coffee table tell ancient stories. It is not difficult to imagine what kind of comfort it would be to be trapped in that sofa during leisure time.

The bedroom is hidden in the corner of the white building, but it receives the sunlight from the skylight. In the simple and elegant environment, there is no too much decoration, only a touch of green is embellished with warmth. A curtain that drops from the ceiling to the ground keeps the mystery of the bedroom to a minimum.

The dining room is connected to the living room, and a soft couch separates the two areas. The fabric on the sofa comes from native Africa, and the soft texture makes it both practical and decorative. This is often where Josephine’s pet dog rests. On the back of the sofa is a white dining table, a large open window, welcoming the bright sunshine of the African sky, and a few blue chairs echoing the color of the wall, setting off a quiet and warm dining atmosphere. The clay pots with ethnic characteristics are placed high on the white cabinets next to the door, as if to remind people not to forget the theme of this old building.

The hometown is very far away, but Josephine still likes this land in South Africa and persistently experience the romance of living elsewhere.

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