Idea 54 Small apartment can be luxurious

2021-06-25 11:53:52 • by deer hardware

Compared with luxury homes, small apartments have an undisguised cramp. But it is precisely because of its cramp that it has the incomparable compactness and enthusiasm of the mansion that is empty and cold.

In order to make the room layout open and spacious, it is a good idea to remove unnecessary walls. The removal will naturally result in multiple effects. The original wall position allowed the refrigerator to change the guard, and a small sandwich wall was built next to the refrigerator to create a decent restaurant. The rectangular dining table can be a world for two people. When a friend comes, just add a few chairs, and the problem of the dining venue is solved.

The living room and the bedroom are in the same space, but two areas are functionally divided. The living room is full of rich colors, with flowers and green plants dotted in it, creating a warm atmosphere. Pull up the tall curtains, and the private bedroom area is completely independent, enclosing a tranquility and a warmth.

After living for a long time, it will inevitably accumulate a lot of scattered things, picking and choosing a place, but also reluctant to discard it, so storage becomes a headache. Because the storage space in the living room and kitchen is very limited, the bedroom and bathroom have become places worth studying. The owner built a sandwich wall at the end of the bedroom, and two circular arches were opened on the wall. This made it an invisible wardrobe, and strangers would mistake it for a door leading to another space. The bathroom is on the left hand side of the door, and there is no new idea on the bare wall with a door. The owner thinks that it is a feasible way to make a mirror wall, but just a mirror is not enough. In the end, the mirror on one wall is divided into six boxes of different sizes by a frame with gold rim, so that the bathroom is cleverly hidden. There are also a set of storage methods in the bathroom: The shower area is designed as an alcove by using the location of the pipe well, and toiletries have the best habitat; the wall under the wash basin and next to it is covered by a curtain, and the storage room is cleverly hidden inside.

A small apartment, after being decorated by the owner, is surrounded by a strong neoclassical style, just as luxurious and as cozy.

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