Idea 61 Every detail is a landscape

2021-07-02 13:44:16 • by deer hardware

A home is not only a resting place for the body, but also a habitat for the soul, so it should be built with care to make every detail a landscape.

In this house that absorbs Mediterranean design elements, the light is like a well-behaved elf, jumping in every space, perfectly blending with the furniture, accessories, colors, and the living habits of the owner's family, allowing visiting guests to stay in this house. The first feeling here is the relaxation and comfort delivered to every pore.

From the glossy and special hand-painted walls, to the chic fireplaces, and just the right unique ornaments, from the separation of the living room and the dining room, to the atmospheric natural ground paved with stones and pebbles, too many details require guests to savor carefully.

In the open living room, there are not enough greenery, exquisite furniture and lazy sunshine, which gives people the illusion of being far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the romantic feeling also emerges spontaneously. The sofas of different styles reflect the rich and delicate imagination of the owner. Although the ashtray with special shape next to it has a tortuous origin, it has a perfect and harmonious matching effect with the sofa. The exquisite hand-made fabric chair is the owner’s favorite. In the quiet accompaniment of another expensive antique collection-the multi-drawer cabinet, in this sunny afternoon, permeated with a fascinating atmosphere. Kitchen There are all kinds of finely divided articles, all neatly housed in the garden-like rattan and bamboo utensils. Many of the tableware bought by the owner are only one pair, so the beautiful tableware in the cupboard that is so admirable is carefully cherished, because once it is damaged, it will become an irreparable regret.

Throughout the home, the unique wall craftsmanship gives a Mediterranean feel. The white wall paint covers the hand-painted mottled walls with rich textures, bringing the gentle Mediterranean wind to every corner of the home. The hand-painted wall technique extends to the fireplace. With the pure white background, the practicality has been pushed behind the ornamental.

The walls, consoles and stone floors of the kitchen are made of handmade stone slabs, so that the whole interior is full of warm and natural sunlight at all times; the application of wood materials greatly enriches the materials and balances the hardness of the interior materials sense. The range hood is ingeniously designed into the shape of a wooden pointed roof, which conceals the previous range hood in the fun of fairy tales.

In this home, white is the complete and pure color tone, which continues from the restaurant to the sun room on the second floor. The natural and solid stone floor, the refreshing and quiet staircase, the exquisite and full sofa and the various accessories all just right balance the contrast of the entire white tone.

Home is a haven of happiness, and every detail can become a landscape.

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