what is my decoration style?

2021-04-19 12:31:41 • by deer hadware

1. Modern style

Modern avant-garde style interprets alternative life than simplicity. The modern avant-garde style that highlights oneself and publicizes individuality has become the first choice of art humans in home design. Unconventional spatial deconstruction, bold and sharp contrasting color arrangements, and the combination of rigid and soft materials, all make people seek a surreal balance in the cold, and this balance is undoubtedly a single aesthetic and living concept. The most powerful attack on singleness and single lifestyle. With the gradual maturity of the "80s" and the introduction of new humans, we have reason to believe that the modern avant-garde design style will not only not decline, but will be more unexpected in content and form. The style emphasizes personal personality and preferences, but when designing, you should pay attention to your own lifestyle and behavior habits, and don't be flashy.

2. Simple style

Advocating fashionable modern and simple style. For many young people, the pressure of career and tedious entertainment make them need a simpler environment to give their body and mind a relaxing space. Not being small, unconstrained, and letting freedom not be restricted by the load-bearing wall is the first requirement that many consumers put forward when facing home furnishing designers. In the decoration process, the relatively simple craftsmanship and low cost are also accepted by many working class.

The texture of the material is very important to minimalism. If you are too hasty in selecting materials, then the minimalist style can easily be reduced to a simple design. It can be said that the selection of materials for modern minimalist style decoration is often no less than the capital expenditure of the construction part.

3. Chinese style

Chinese style evokes nostalgic thoughts. The new Chinese style inherits the essence of the Tang Dynasty, Ming and Qing dynasties' home furnishing concepts in design_. It refines and enriches the classic elements, and at the same time changes the original spatial layout of the level, superiority and inferiority, etc. Feudal thoughts have injected new breath into the traditional household culture. Without rigidity but without losing dignity, focusing on quality but avoiding unnecessary harshness, these constitute the unique charm of the new Chinese style. In particular, the Chinese style has changed the disadvantages of traditional furniture, which is "not easy to use, comfortable and uncomfortable". In addition, it is more and more flexible in the layout of different types of rooms, which has been accepted by more and more people.

Mostly Chinese-style products and Western-style furnishings are the mainstay. Most of the wood materials, the colors are mostly imitated rosewood and red sandalwood. The relationship between the spaces is quite different from the European style, and it pays more attention to the reference and penetration of the space.

4. Classical style

"Xing San Shen Gathering" is the main feature of the neo-classical style. While paying attention to the decorative effect, it uses modern techniques and materials to restore the classical temperament. The neo-classical style has the dual aesthetic effect of classic and modern. The perfect combination also allows people to get spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization. It is undeniable that neo-classical is a typical representative of fusion style, but this does not mean that neo-classical design can use modern elements arbitrarily, nor is it a stack of two styles and their products. Just imagine, in a strong artistic atmosphere, placing a piece of furniture with simple lines and weird shapes will have nondescript and jaw-dropping effects.

Pay attention to the matching of lines and the proportional relationship between lines and lines. A good set of neo-classical home furnishing works depends more on the choice of wiring and materials.

5. European style

European classical style, creating gorgeousness As a product of the European Renaissance, the classical design style inherits the luxurious, dynamic, and changeable visual effects of the Baroque style, and also absorbs the aesthetic and rhythmic details of the cocoa style. Favored by the upper echelons of society. Especially in the classical wind forest, the design philosophy of nobleness, elegance and luxury is revealed in the deep, and it has also become a portrayal of these successful people's enjoyment of happiness and ideal life. Classical style emphasizes the independence of space when designing, and the choice of wiring is much more complicated than neoclassical. The investment in material selection, construction, and accessories is relatively high, which is many times that of other styles of the same grade. Therefore, the classical style is more suitable for use in larger villas and houses, not suitable for smaller units.

6. Country style

The American country style expressing a casual attitude-the relief after the road struggle, makes people have unlimited yearning for nature. Return and love, simplicity and sincerity, and because of this understanding of life, the American country style gives us the possibility of enjoying another kind of life. The American country style abandons cumbersomeness and luxury, and integrates the outstanding elements of different styles. It is guided by comfort function and emphasizes "return to nature", making this style more relaxed and comfortable. The American country style highlights the comfort and freedom of life. Whether it is furniture that feels bulky or accessories with the vicissitudes of the years, it is telling people this. Especially in the choice of wall color, natural, nostalgic, and rich earthy fragrance is the typical feature of American country style. The colors of the American country style are mainly natural tones, and green and earthy brown are the most common: the wallpapers are mostly pure paper pulp; the furniture colors are mostly distressed lacquer, and the styles are heavy; most of the designs have Mediterranean-style arches.

7.Mediterranean style

The mysterious Mediterranean style Mediterranean civilization has always been a mysterious veil in the hearts of many people. Ancient and remote, quiet and profound. The ubiquitous romanticism and inclusive cultural tastes, with its very friendly pastoral style, were quickly accepted by the vast population of people outside the Mediterranean. For modern urbanites who are accustomed to loud noises, the Mediterranean style gives people a feeling of returning to the original, and at the same time reflects the requirements for a higher quality of life.

Color selection is very important. Colors are mostly pure and natural colors with blue and white tones, such as mineral colors. The texture of the material is relatively coarse, and there are obvious and pure texture lines. There are many logs in the wood. Wooden plywood and veneer should be used as little as possible.

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