What's a good idea for decorating your bathroom?

2021-04-29 20:25:13 • by deer hadware

The bathroom is not a storage room. Many things such as laundry and changing clothes should be placed next to the washing machine or in the closet, not in the bathroom. When placing items in the bathroom, it is best to set up a storage space near the sink so that it is easy to access. The storage in the bathroom, what must be paid attention to is actually dehumidification. The bathroom should be designed to separate dry and wet, so as to prevent water vapor from running into the cabinet and let the items become damp and wet. In addition to separating dry and wet, you can also install a dehumidifier in the bathroom to keep the indoor space dry.

1. Draw a simple bathroom floor plan

It is best to separate the wet and dry in the bathroom, otherwise the stored things will get wet easily. The storage cabinet in the bathroom is best not to be airtight, at least to leave vents to facilitate ventilation.

2. Bathroom design in different spaces

Generally, the basic settings of a bathroom include toilet, sink, bathtub, etc. There will be different furnishings and configurations according to different spaces. Here are a few practical methods for you.

2.1. Traditional bathroom

This is the most basic bathroom configuration. Usually, the order from the door to the innermost after entering the bathroom is toilet, sink, and bathtub. Such a bathroom usually has fewer storage configurations. A toilet rack can be installed above the toilet or next to the bathtub. A shelf is added to the wall for easy storage of items.

2.2. Bathroom with separate dry and wet

The separate dry and wet bathroom with separate shower area is a relatively new bathroom configuration design. A corner shelf can usually be installed in the shower room to place bath products, and a shelf can also be installed above the washbasin outside to place clothes and so on.

2.3. Common bathroom

There is no special partition to separate the shower room, it is a common simple bathroom. Such a bathroom can be equipped with corner shelves, wall cabinets, etc. to help storage, or shower curtains can be installed to achieve the effect of separating dry and wet. Not occupying space, leaving space for activities is the focus of the renovation.

2.4. Bathrooms with showers and bathtubs

Bathrooms with showers and bathtubs have a larger space. A shelf can be installed on the wall next to the sink to store many items. The bathtub and shower walls can be installed with shelves for easy access to items.

3. Principles of bathroom design

3.1. The toilet rack should have a shelf for easy storage

The bathroom space is usually narrow and there are not many places to store it, so the toilet rack becomes a very useful bathroom storage tool. The toilet rack is easy to assemble. It can increase a considerable storage space for the bathroom after it is placed above the toilet tank. It is a very convenient choice for small space or renters.

3.2. Toothbrush holders and soap holders should be effectively ventilated

Toothbrushes and soap are used very frequently, so it is best to place them closest to the sink. Since these two items are very humid, they must have drainage holes and good ventilation to keep them clean and hygienic.

3.3. Make a cabinet under the washbasin to increase storage space

The sink is damp and easy to get dirty, so it is suitable to put some cleaning supplies for cleaning the bathroom. If you feel messy, you can also use a clip with a suction cup to stick to the back of the washbasin. Match it with your favorite cloth and clip it to the clip; you will complete the special washbasin cloth curtain, which is convenient and beautiful after storing the items in the cloth curtain.

4. The focus of bathroom design

4.1. Storage space surrounds the sink

The bathroom is not a storage room. Many things, such as laundry supplies, changes of clothes, extra towels, etc., should be placed next to the washing machine or in the closet. The most common thing in the bathroom is personal cleaning products, so when planning the storage space, it is best to set up storage and fetching close to the sink to facilitate rain.

4.2. The most important thing to prevent moisture in the bathroom

The bathroom is the place with the most moisture in the whole house, so dehumidification is a problem that must be paid attention to. The bathroom should be designed to separate dry and wet. In order to prevent moisture, the storage cabinet should have ventilation holes, and the soap holders, toothbrush holders and other wet items should also have drainage holes to avoid accumulation of water.

4.3. Use the wall to increase storage space

The bathroom area is usually very small and the storage space is limited, but the bathroom is usually easy to have many bottle halls. Therefore, if the storage space is insufficient, it is best to use the wall to extend upwards, nail hooks, shelves, etc. on the wall, so that The space utilization rate of the provincial room is increased, and the sense of mess is avoided.

5. Tips for renovation planning

5.1. Renovate the space as required

There are often many bottles and cans in the bathroom, so you should know how many items you want to put in the bathroom before changing it, and then make the change according to your own habits. For example, people who like to take a bath need a shelf next to the bathtub for bathing supplies. Next, measure the size of the space, draw some layout plans for the transformation, and arrange the additional shelves and shelves according to the space.

5.2. The style can be matched with other spaces

The style of the bathroom can be matched with other spaces in the home to make the whole home feel-like. If the color of the storage rack you bought does not match, you can use simple methods such as paint to solve it.

5.3. Separate the bathroom from dry and wet

Put a curtain frame on the ceiling of the bathtub or shower area and hang a plastic curtain, and you can easily make a bathroom with dry injection separation. Measure the size (width x height) of the place to be installed, and then go to the hardware store or store to buy plastic cloth or canvas of sufficient size, and match the shower curtain rod (to the curtain rod) and hooks to complete the shower curtain.

6. The focus of bathroom layout

A small bathroom, but the necessary facilities are far more than you think, ranging from bathtubs and sinks to soap boxes, and various bathroom equipment have different styles. If you don’t like the bathtub, you can change to a shower-style shower head, but that requires some changes, and most people may find it too troublesome. In fact, if you don't want to spend a lot of money in the bathroom, you can still make the bathroom cleaner, more comfortable, and more beautiful without changing the plumbing works. Just because the space is not big, make a little change and you will get the effect immediately. Try it, a piece of scented soap and a decorative hand towel. Attention to details is the secret of successful bathroom layout.

6.1. Wall

Generally, the area of a bathroom is usually not large. In order to gain more valuable space that can be used, we have to develop upwards and make ideas on various walls. Hanging rods, shelves, and bath cabinets can be installed on walls such as the toilet, bathtub or shower area, and washbasin to place supplies. 6.1.1. Use the shelf to properly place the toiletries. Think about it, how many things do you have to put in the bathroom? Spare towels, soaps, creams, cosmetics, eye drops, hair care products, hair dryers, etc. If all these things are placed outside, how big a bathroom do you need? Let's find a place to stay temporarily for them. The material of the fixed storage cabinet or shelf is preferably waterproof stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. If you like the bathroom to look warm, but you don't want to wet the floor, then consider wooden shelves or storage cabinets. 6.1.2. Use the mirror to extend and enlarge the bathroom space: The bathroom space is usually very narrow. In order to extend the vision and increase the magnification effect, the mirror is indispensable. Install a magnifying glass on the wall, the mirror surface will appear immediately, suitable for short-sighted people and those who need to make makeup in the bathroom.

6.2 Ground

Although the bathroom is not the place where everyone stays most often, even just coming and going. But if you can put a lamp, a laundry basket, or a piece of cotton non-slip mat on the floor of the bathroom, you can get a more intimate feeling. Next, you can also put the single chair into the bathroom and arrange it as your favorite corner. 6.2.1. Make good use of mats to isolate cold ground Spread a cotton non-slip mat in the bathroom, which can not only absorb the water and humidity splashed during the bath, but also cushion your feet. In winter, you don't touch the cold floor as soon as you take a shower. 6.2.2. Find a place to change clothes There is usually a distance between the washing machine and the bathroom, and the possibility of busy modern people washing clothes every day is very low. Find a place for the dirty clothes to be changed, and a ventilated, portable laundry basket is necessary.

6.3. Washing table area

The sink is the most dramatic corner in the bathroom space. Not only all the washing accessories are placed here, but there is also a mirror for dressing and grooming. Therefore, in addition to the practical storage function, it is best to add some fun to it, so that you can start a beautiful day when you wash. 6.3.1. Inject creative gadgets: use some practical, colorful and beautiful bathroom gadgets. You can also enjoy the visual pleasure when you use it. For example, if you leave a beautiful shower gel bottle, you can put a new shower gel next time to add a beautiful color to the bathroom. 6.3.2. Pay attention to the mirror light source: usually a ceiling lamp, plus the light source next to the mirror, can already provide the lighting of the general bathroom space. If you need to put makeup in front of the mirror, you need to use a white light bulb or fluorescent lamp to show the correct makeup color. In addition, if you want to make the bathroom fun, you can also choose eye-catching and cute lighting, and install it directly on the mirror.

6.4. Bathing area

On the platform built around the bathtub, it’s easiest to see the bath products arranged in a row, arranged high and low, but they should be cleaned regularly, because the water has been in contact with the bottom of the bottle for too long, and there will always be some leftovers. Stains affect the hygiene of the bathroom. In addition, if you want to achieve the effect of separating wet and dry in the bathroom, but don't want to spend a lot of money, it is definitely an economical way to put a shower curtain in the shower area. It's just that you also need to pay attention to the issue of cleaning up.

6.4.1. Choose green potted plants

It will make the bathroom more vigorous. The bathroom usually feels damp and dark, but placing some green plants will have a different feeling. Moreover, the location does not need to be restricted to the bathtub platform. The sink, bathroom shelf, window sill, etc. are all suitable for placement. But please remember to choose plants that have the characteristics of resistance to shade and humidity in order to maintain the greening effect.

6.4.2. Use shower curtain to change the color of space

The shower curtain can become the visual focus of the bathroom. If you cannot change the color of the wall, you can use the shower curtain to shift the visual focus. Moreover, the shower curtain is a single product that is easy to change and can be replaced at any time.

6.4.3. Enjoy SPA

as long as you prepare the SPA props on the bathtub platform, through the creation of water, music, fragrance, and the situation, combining the five senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch, you can make Relax body and mind, so that stress is relieved.

7. Mistakes to avoid when arranging the bathroom

7.1. Water and electricity are too close

The electrical equipment is too close to the water flow area. For safety reasons, stay away from water areas as much as possible.

7.2. Failure to replace old or damaged equipment in time

The faucet was broken and was not repaired immediately. Not only waste water, but also make it difficult to keep the bathroom dry and clean.

7.3. Maintain good air circulation

It is best to open the bathroom door or use an exhaust fan to pump the air from time to time. If there is a window, don't waste it.

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