Idea 1 hand-painted wall makes you lost in the season

2021-05-16 23:07:47 • by deerhardware

The sun is shining warmly in the villa, the flowers are "in full bloom" in every room, and the air seems to be scented with flowers. This is a unique landscape created by the owner by hand.

If you come as a guest, as soon as you enter the door, it is like entering the sea of flowers by mistake. There was a cherry blossom on the wall of the corridor, and the delicate flowers bloomed brightly on the branches. The flower branches extend from the wall to the roof, directing people's eyes to another direction.

Walking into the living room, you will be fascinated by Kazuki's white magnolia flowers, sitting on the sofa under the "tree", as if you are in the warm spring breeze. Flowers are already in full bloom on the light gauze curtains and gorgeous backing bags. On the wall where the flue is hidden above the fireplace, the charming morning glory contrasts with the colorful fabric sofa, and there is a large pot of rich roses beside the fireplace. It adds a touch of fun to the living room that is already full of spring.

Hua'er is still attached to the restaurant, attached to the bathroom, attached to the corridor, but with the different functional spaces, the flowers drawn are also different. The walls of the restaurant are painted with lilac lilacs, which reminds people of the faint fragrance; the guest bathroom is painted with thick and colorful plantains, which makes people feel relaxed in the atmosphere of the south; the main bathroom is painted with a whole face The butterflies and flowers on the wall let people release the feelings of thousands of times in my heart; even on the wall next to the stairs, there are enchanting flowers and branches drawn, and Tingting curly extends our sight.

Love flowers is the personality of the owner. Not only does the hand-painted flowers bloom all over the wall in the house, but other accessories are still mainly flowers. A huge rose stand hangs on the head of the bed in the master bedroom. I don't know how much sweet mood the host brings. The curtains, beddings, lights, and the cut items in the room seem to be related to flowers. Even the furniture is decorated with floral patterns. Not to mention the custom-made fabric dining chairs and cushions, they are all decorated with flowers of various colors and exquisite. The gauze tablecloth is also covered with shiny beads, and the "embroidered" flowers are still blooming.

In addition to the flower decoration, there are other highlights in the house. The rows of Mediterranean-style tiles on the stairs make the flower branches on the wall more charming: the mosaic washstand and bathtub in the bathroom make the "Butterfly Flower" more sentimental; the decorative curtain made of shells on the half-partition wall, Make the opposite bedside flower stand icing on the cake.

But the home cannot be an exhibition room, but is used for living, so there are also practical institutions hidden in this sea of flowers. In the corridor where you enter, there are two doors hidden behind the cherry tree. One is the entrance to the guest bathroom, and the other is a hidden meter box. The owner ingeniously covers the meter box with a bird’s nest and two small birds. The power switch next to it adds a natural flavor. In the Japanese-style tea room on the second floor, tatami mats made of wheat straw and straw are stitched together in a quadruple method, and the table in the middle is height-adjustable. The hand-painted ink bamboo on the wall echoes the ink landscape drawn on the sliding door. The inner temperament of the Japanese style is expressed both fully and implicitly. But these are not subtle enough. The subtlety lies in the storage space hidden under the tatami mats and the modern audio-visual equipment hidden behind the sliding doors, so that you can meet the different needs of life and gathering with friends at the same time.

There is a master bedroom on the third floor. The owner changed the partition wall between this space and the adjacent master bathroom into a half partition painted with flowers and branches, and separated the unobstructed part of the half partition with a string of natural-color shell curtains. The magnificent setting is not only for good-looking, but also creates a TV background wall with storage function, and also makes the master bedroom and the master bathroom more visually connected. The low cabinet at the head of the bed in the master bedroom extends along the wall to the bay window. It has a powerful storage function, and the height is just convenient for placing ornaments on the headboard. It can be described as a "moisturizing and silent" design. .

This floral-scented villa will make you lose your way in the season and never find winter.

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