Idea 2 The decoration scheme of a small area house

2021-05-16 23:29:34 • by deer hadware

Linna's house is only more than 60 square meters, like a nest, like a cocoon. So she wrapped the home with ropes as silk, and experienced the comfort of cocooning herself at home.

The wrapped home does not see the tightness and oppression that is impervious to the air. The completely open interior design satisfies the needs of various functions calmly. The owner used a large number of circles, ellipses and arc lines in a creative way, interpreting the concept of "cocoon", in which there is always a sense of comfort of being sheltered.

In order to shape the round shape more perfectly, the owner used natural materials such as logs, hemp rope, and rattan. Even the painted steel bars of the sofa, the base of the coffee table and the TV stand are all made into a soft rattan shape. The tones of plain white and logs make the space present a back-to-nature style.

When entering this home, everything is full of novel ideas. The hallway is a barrier woven with hemp rope, like a big hanging basket; when you walk through the hallway, it is the living room area in the center of the house, which immediately attracts attention. It is six concentric oval rings on the ceiling, trying to let safety and warmth penetrate into every corner. A custom-made TV bracket is hung in the center of the ring, and the TV grows out of it. The TV bracket, the sofa and the coffee table enclose the living room area. In the whole space, there are winding and weaving forms everywhere.

The curtain hanging from the periphery of the concentric ring on the ceiling replaces the heavy partition wall and acts as a soft partition prop, playing a face-changing game between hiding and exposed lightly. After all the curtains are opened, the various functional areas are connected to each other, giving the house an open and bright appearance; after the curtains are closed, the bathroom and bedroom become private areas independent of the living room and kitchen.

The kitchen area is the most representative of the "cocoon" style in this home. The arc-shaped wall is covered with antique tiles. A large "cocoon" is longitudinally sectioned and inlaid on the wall along the arc. With the functions of the operating table and the wall cabinet; the dining table is also half a "cocoon", one can't help looking around to find the other half's place.

The bedroom area is hidden in the deep corner of the house. When it is open, it is closely connected to the living room. The palace curtain-like large bed creates a peaceful and comfortable sleeping space with a graceful figure and plain white tones. Lying on the bed, what you see on your back is an ellipsoidal cross-section shape, which makes people feel a sense of security wrapped in a "cocoon". Close your eyes, how can you not have sweet dreams? Between the opening and closing of the white gauze curtain, this area gives this area a secret and open expression change.

The setting of the light source takes into account the different moods of the owner in different areas. The bedroom uses hose lights hidden in the wooden trough, giving people a sense of peace and tranquility; the hollow-shaped resin chandelier is used in the kitchen, which is warm and romantic. Love flowed out from the light; soft wall lamps were installed in the bathroom, and the light was reflected on the screen curtains, falling in the pool water, and the romantic sentiment was soaked in the heart.

The reasonable design allows the owner to experience the tranquility and warmth wrapped in this quiet nest that escapes the hustle and bustle of the world.

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