Idea 3 The taste of candy in colorful childhood

2021-05-17 10:14:50 • by deer hardware

Childhood homes are colorful, and dreams are also colorful. When childhood becomes long, the years will obscure all the memories, and the color of that childhood will still be so clear, with the smell of honey.

Colorful does not mean rich and gaudy. The light blue small dining table is the color of the sky, light, as if white clouds melt in it. The flowers and grass patterns carved by the table curled up, as if still growing. The color of the chair is made of light yellow and light green, and it is also dotted with small flowers and colored blocks. With yellow cakes, colorful biscuits, the vase full of flowers, the big bowl of biscuits, and even the small spoon with floral patterns, the room is full of childishness.

The blue-green children's bed has a unique coolness in the hot summer, and the carpet and cushions of the same color make this coolness spread to the entire space. The landscape paintings at the end of the bed and the numbers at the head of the bed make the room full of childishness. On the small stool at the head of the bed, a mushroom-shaped storage tank and a white rabbit woven with wool form a small fairy tale world, which makes the room full of fun.

The immature patterns are often used to express childishness. The polka dot sun hat, the small square schoolbag and the floral cushion are put together. Because the same pink color, not only does not appear messy, but also sets off the child's frank and lively nature.

The baby’s room is based on pink, with a mischievous little monkey and a fluffy yellow chick, full of warmth and sweetness.

On the white background, pink, orange, red, and green dress up the room cheerfully and enthusiastically. Only the children's room can have this unique splendor.

In the corner of this room, the blue sky and white clouds look a little quiet, while the fuchsia garland and the antique pattern on the light blue candle holder bring a lively atmosphere to the room. Colorful candles make the clean and fresh environment full of childhood fun.

The light blue small table became the background color for the decoration of childhood. The delicate tea set on the table was filled with pink candle oil. In the flickering candlelight, the room smelled of jam. A few dense tulips are placed in the teapot, revealing a touch of warmth.

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