Idea 4 digging into the old days in the depths of the city

2021-05-17 15:25:49 • by deer hardware

Madley is an excellent furniture designer. She built her home on the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Hills. With her unique qualifications, she can design her own home and escape from the glitz around her, creating a quiet life in the depths of the city.

The professional habits make her fascinated by all the design objects, especially the antique furniture and accessories from foreign countries or through the years. In her home, if you have just observed a small Chinese wooden box, you will find tables and chairs from Italy when you turn around. You can find objects of different eras, countries, and styles in almost any corner. They make this limited space exude a strong visual effect.

Madley took great pains to redesign the layout of the house. The gradual sequence of arch-shaped doors extends the depth of the space, and the multi-level steps of the dining room make it possible to stand in front of the living room and look at the scenery everywhere. The irregular ceiling specially made, has changed the regularity of the living room in the usual sense, and on the contrary, it looks more cordial.

Walking into the living room is like walking into a showroom: calligraphy paintings from the 1940s and engraving prints created by artists hang on the walls; a low mirror table from the 1960s is surrounded by threaded velvet sofas and muslin chairs,both beauty and comfort are taken into account; The mottled door panels of the red-brown closet and the old Chinese wooden boxes all see their ages; The leather table and the dignified table lamp of the 19th century all illustrate the owner’s elegant taste; At the foot is a Persian carpet with intricate patterns,which adds an essential bright color to the elegantly pigmented living room.Although there are many items here, they are in order and not cluttered at all.

Kitchen area is not big, it is completely unobstructed open, rural style cooking area is concise and clean, leisure area is also placed here. A door on the wall faces the courtyard, with the fresh air and ample sunshine providing free access; the other connects to the dining room. The dining room is bright and clean, the tall French window with a clean satin curtain, continuing the charm of the living room. Whether it was the 19 th - century Italian walnut table, the magnolia - shaped lamp, bronze portrait, or the antique Baroque dining chair, are so peaceful, the use of meal time became a kind of enjoyment.

In the arc space beside the stairs, placed the root carving table that Madley bought from the Chinese antique shop, quite artistic technology, and beautiful iron stairs are the best match. The turn of the stairs is also full of feeling, the master here very well grasp the use of antique proportion, some old furniture, including desk lamp, decorative painting choice, are clean,it seems that everything is in dialogue with the past.

The bedroom is simple and clean, not a bit cumbersome. Simple cupboards and large black wooden beds are thick and steady, integrated with decorative paintings on the walls. And the white bed, beige footstool and the style of the old carpet also achieved perfect harmony. Looking through the open door of the bedroom, there was an abstract suede chair, a separate dressing room, designed in an anti-female convention, replaced by a neutral dignity, containing the designer's unique temperament.

Madley often travels around with a backpack, with the dream of home, to dig out the old days of urban life.

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