Idea 6 Go through the garden and see the sea

2021-05-18 12:07:02 • by deer hardware

Lucy's house is a unique "home garden" type. A garden similar to the porch concept is designed between the entrance door and the living room door, which serves as a transitional connection between the entrance door and the living room,and also makes people who like the courtyard but do not like to live in the bottom floor can extend the feeling home from the courtyard in the air.

Through the garden, there are white walls, blue handmade furniture, iron windows, old wooden beams and thick green . The arches and panes between the living room and the garden make the room semi-implicit. No matter how tired Lucy was, the moment she pushed the door into the garden there will always be comfort like the sea breeze blowing on your face.

The combination of cobblestone and tile collage effect, manual wall treatment and the application of old wooden beams make the garden full of fun. In the room, while retaining the seaside atmosphere, but also take into account the comfort of the city. The thick ocean theme is no longer the rough blue handmade furniture in the garden, but the delicate wallpaper and cloth art. The kitchen light blue broken flower curtain, the dining room treasure blue stripe tablecloth, the living room Tibetan green bottom white stripe sofa and the beige bottom dark blue flower sofa interspersed combination, from the linen cloth, the canvas to the thin cotton textile cloth, each place blue cloth art, all brings the different effect and the feeling.

In addition to the refreshing Mediterranean, the host likes the rural and tropical rain forest style through wallpaper: the theme wall of the dining room and the wall behind the living room sofa are using rural style brown wallpaper, only in the dark flowers more blue to match with the overall blue style. With the rural style walls such as plate shelf and rural flowers, warm brown tone let the room easily shore in the blue and white cold waves, with the idyllic comfort and warmth. The combination of arches and jungle wallpaper became the most beautiful scenery at the end of the corridor.

With a day of hard work, push the door into the house and go through the garden to see the sea. How pleasant it should be.

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