Idea 8 The story of the equestrian

2021-05-19 13:30:20 • by deer hardware

Even if you have your eyes blindfolded and send you to this house, when you open your eyes, you will guess that the owner of the family is inseparable from equestrian.

Standing in the room, moving the line of sight slowly, there is a nostalgic feature film, describing the story of the equestrian artist.

From the table to the shelf on the wall, the room is surrounded by thick brown. The small wooden carved horse and the decorative paintings of horse gear next to each other contrast with each other, simply expressing the relationship between each other.

Cloaks, riding whips, and small mottled picture frames were randomly discarded on the iron bed, making people inadvertently think that a fierce competition may have just ended.

In the cold season, the cloak can also be turned into a blanket to block the cold, and the number of the players on the field also becomes part of the cushion at this time.

All kinds of harness are essential for equestrian events, and when they leave the field, they become chic ornaments.

Iron hangers are also full of strong equestrian complex, some old texture, like it used to be quiet in the stable for a long time, when it is free, it is still a good decoration.

The master's love for equestrian is reflected in every corner, even the small curtain buckle, inadvertently also has a vivid description of the equestrian sports.

The storage box in front of the table was repainted in gray white, and each grid was padded with hay to make it look more like a miniature manger.

Leather products are an indispensable material in equestrian sports. Storage boxes made of leather can withstand the test of time, while some old hut decorations are like a stable that has experienced wind and rain, quietly in front of the desk telling those days of riding horses.

At this time, if there are no outsiders to disturb you, you will fall into the story and cannot come out, in a daze, you have become the equestrian master of the year.

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