Idea 9 The pursuit of the town

2021-05-20 09:59:29 • by deer hardware

There is a famous town in France called Uzès. As the first duke country in French history, the town still retains various castles with unique styles. The strong artistic atmosphere made Elizabeth deeply fall in love with this place.

The Elizabeth family used to have lived in Africa. The peaceful charm of Uzès made them eager to return to France. Coupled with the climate similar to Africa, they finally bought this property in a small town.

Although the house has a beautiful garden, you can hear the chirping of crickets, you can enjoy the peaceful countryside, and the appearance of the house is also very beautiful, but Elizabeth, who is pursuing perfection, still has an unremitting pursuit of this home.

In terms of building a home, Elizabeth has taken charge of all the soft furnishing projects. This was originally her biggest hobby in her spare time, but now, it seems that this hobby has become more and more professional. She loves every aspect of decoration. Choosing fabrics, matching colors, shopping for furniture, and matching small decorations all make her feel full of fun. Her renovation is not blind, the harmony of style and the practical combination of functions are her consistent goals, and they can make life more beautiful.

Without excessively gorgeous scenes and complicated production techniques, Elizabeth's style is to patiently combine furniture and accessories with hand-selected fabrics to create an elegant and unpretentious atmosphere. Regardless of the color, space, or details, it shows a kind of calm elegance, a kind of generous delicacy.

The whole house is full of light. There are also various glass vases, decorations and lamps in the house, which make the space appear brighter. In summer, the glass door of the living room is always open to the garden; in winter, relatives and friends sit around the warm fireplace to share the joy of gathering.

Unlike the exquisite furniture and fabrics in the house, exposed stone can be seen everywhere on the walls of the house. Although the style conflicts, it has a strong holiday atmosphere, as if living in an old castle. The surface of the spiral staircase is made of natural stone, combined with the floor paved with retro ceramic tiles, to bring peace and tranquility to the room. The wall of the master bedroom deliberately keeps the stone exposed, the original texture and the elegance and delicacy of the full room form a strong conflict, making people feel magical. The semi-open bathroom separated by a half wall adds a modern conflict to the classical temperament of the room.

There are large floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the living room, white and rose-colored fabrics bring a bit of vitality to the gray-yellow living room wall. The low table was bought by the owner from Africa. The golden retro mirror frame best matches the natural old yellow wall in the room, and it just echoes the beautiful classical fireplace. So the styles of most accessories move closer to this center.

Elizabeth did not change the original structure, but placed a single bed on each side according to the horizontal pillars. After the decoration of the fabrics she personally selected, a cozy room was favored by all her friends. She matched the clean white bathroom with cotton and linen curtains with excellent light transmittance, and embroidered beautiful squiggles on them. The dining table was sourced from a monastery, and a bell-shaped ornament made of wire hung above it, decorated with fake ivy and roses.

Regarding colors, Elizabeth never likes to be too obtrusive and unassuming. Even for flower arrangements, she often chooses pure and fresh ones to echo the elegance of the room. In the hallway, there are paintings presented by friends of the artist, flower arrangements made of clay, fruits and vegetables, which often reminds her and her family of her days in Africa.

Whenever the garden is full of roses and laurels, Elizabeth will appreciate her work with her family under the big leafy mulberry tree, and enjoy the happiness of pursuit.

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