Idea 17 Cultural integration to feel a different flavor

2021-05-26 10:40:00 • by deer hardware

The world is like a big family full of colors, and the decoration style has no borders. By concentrating the world's scenery in a family, you can move around and feel the romance.

In the living room, there is a gentle and graceful dance, and the large and comfortable sofa is integrated with the meticulous flower and bird painting wallpaper, forming a soft and warm picture. The bright floor-to-ceiling windows receive the sunlight all over the house, and the broad-leaved plants exude the breath of spring, which makes people indistinguishable from the seasons. The quaint low cabinet plays the role of the sofa side table. The dancing butterflies give it a bit more agile temperament. The red table lamp adds a bit of splendor to the interior. The Japanese-style stone puppets placed on the table lamp base seem to be from Coming from ancient times has added a dignified touch to this family.

The light in the lounge is dim, the color of the furniture also gives people a drowsy feeling, the tall green plants bring a bit of vicissitudes, and everything is immersed in a peaceful atmosphere. The finishing touch is a few hanging paintings on the blank wall, which make the indoor air suddenly become lively and lively, so that people in them can vaguely feel the natural breath of the tropical rain forest.

The furniture in the large study often has a dark brown makeup, which looks calm and solemn. The shelves full of books show the master's profound knowledge. And this small study room gives people a refreshing mood, the sofa is bright orange, placed next to the milky white bookshelf, immediately showing a bright and refreshing side, the red ceramic drum stool replaces the small side table next to the sofa , And the orange sofa formed a combination of warmth. There is a soft carpet on the ground, which makes people easily think of the comfort of being barefoot deep on it. A book, a cup of tea, what kind of time should it be.

Eastern and Western cultures meet in this blue-and-white bedroom, without the slightest conflict, only tolerance and acceptance. In the elegant atmosphere of the whole body, the classical charm of landscape figure painting wallpapers and cushions are harmoniously compatible with simple European-style furniture in one room. The white palace lanterns, blue and white porcelain, European-style bedside cabinets and chest of drawers, because they have the same color, putting together does not appear to conflict. On the contrary, there is a fusion of the same origin, which magnifies the wonderfulness of the bedroom.

The fusion of world cultures makes the family lively in this way.

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