Idea 19 Finding the feeling of a sailor at home

2021-05-27 09:39:44 • by deer hardware

Kevin, who has lived by the sea for half his life, settled inland last year. Because of the lingering nostalgia for the sea, he incorporated the blue in his heart into his design of the room.

If you want to create a marine style, use some small plots to attract people's sights, and you will immediately have illusions. The blue conch wallpaper is not ingenious, and even makes us ignore its own color, but it complements the surrounding environment and creates its own style.

Entering Kevin's house, the strong ocean atmosphere seems to hug you to the beach. The large area of blue curtains and the blue jacquard carpet in the sofa area give this living room a strong personality. Because the combination of blue and white can most accurately create the breath of the ocean, in order to avoid possible monotony, the owner uses details to create different depths, the waterbirds standing still on the lighthouse, and the corals on the white cushions. The flowers and the white conch on the coffee table all create vivid expressions for home. The blue conch wallpaper brings people's thoughts to the beach, complements the surrounding environment, and creates a unique style, which makes people immediately have unlimited reveries.

The quiet and tranquil bedroom is a place to completely relax the body and mind. The tall four-poster bed was designed by Kevin himself, because it can be integrated with the wall panel behind the head of the bed, giving people the greatest sense of security. At the same time, it also echoes the fish-bone-shaped beams, so that the whole decoration style is unified. I believe that lying in bed must be the feeling of going back to the cabin again.

Although blue and white color is the most important element of the ocean style, Kevin does not want to turn his home into a sea-blue Hawaiian beach, so he has opened up another world in the restaurant. He designed the beams and wall panels on the top of the restaurant to be blue, while the floor and walls still create a white space effect, which looks clean and tidy. The wall panel is also decorated with a circle of wood engravings composed of many ocean elements. Sitting here and dining will make you feel as if you are in a cruise ship sailing at sea, both comfortable and cozy.

Kevin designed the bathroom as an exclusive place for sailors. All the accessories here have ocean elements: a rudder-shaped mirror is hung on the wall, creating the feeling of sailing in the ocean. The mosaic of blue and white spreads the walls in shallow and deep colors, making people feel as if they are in the sea. On the dark blue tiles on the ground, the pattern of shells is faintly revealed. There are also sailor hats, models of sailboats, and small fishes leisurely swimming in the sea...In this small world, people can feel the gentle sea breeze.

With such a home decorated with the colors of the sea, the feeling of a sailor is no longer difficult to find.

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