Idea 21 Collections let the home show its own taste

2021-05-28 11:40:38 • by deer hardware

Ronald is a collector. His home is located in an old-fashioned apartment in the center of Manhattan. The entire apartment is small, only 90 square meters. The reason why Ronald chose to live in it without hesitation is only because of its convenient transportation location and the ability to enjoy the entire apartment. Ideal height for Manhattan views.

The structure of the apartment itself made him very satisfied. The spacious layout and clean four-walled white walls all show the atmosphere and elegance, which are quite commensurate with the owner's temperament. What is missing in the house is only matching furniture and decorations. So before starting to decorate his new home, Ronald decided to focus on soft furnishings, and the original structure of the house basically remained unchanged.

Ronald loves collecting and is almost obsessed with it. He goes to various markets every Sunday morning to trade in junk goods. Because of this perseverance and love, the number of his collections has increased day by day. Various furniture, paintings, decorations, etc. have been fully displayed in this space. With his meticulous decoration, more colors appeared in the room, as well as various styles. With the embellishment of beautiful flowers, this old apartment with a little vicissitudes of life was dressed up elegantly and tastefully.

The living room is the most important part of the room. It integrates guest, leisure, and audio-visual functions. A few large and comfortable sofas are enough for a few friends to chat together. A few classic-designed armchairs can enhance your taste. Coupled with a coffee table and table with simple lines, the entire living room is like an exhibition room of classic furniture. The dazzling decorative bottle with dazzling bright color brings a sense of unrestrainedness to the whole calm tone. The wooden furniture always conveys a natural and gentle texture. Ronald avoids using fancy patterns and does not play color games in the choice of patterns and colors. All the colors make people feel full of home warmth. Several American-style paintings from the 1960s on the wall also add a sense of time and art to the interior.

On the other side of the living room, the large wall is decorated with steel strips, and the shiny metallic luster brings an industrial design style and toughness. The steel band is embedded with a fireplace, and the TV in the middle of the wall becomes a dynamic painting. The large black painting forms a strong contrast with the white wall and becomes a visual focus in the living room. The entire wall is like a modern oil painting, making this area the best place for leisure and enjoyment.

In the other rooms, Ronald also followed this principle and style, not adding one more item, but also a lot of decorations, everything was controlled properly.

As a collector, it can be said that chairs are his favorite, because you can find sofas and chairs with a sense of design in every room. Every seat in his house makes people want to sit on it and enjoy it.

Although the collection styles are not systematic in the collection style, each piece of the collection that records the changes over the years demonstrates the unique taste of this collector and also carries the owner's happiness.

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