Idea 22 Russian complex pervaded in white tones

2021-05-28 13:12:59 • by deer hardware

It is also an old house filled with nostalgia. The old house is still mainly white in color, but it is different from other places in that it is surrounded by a strong Russian art complex.

Entering this house, the sky is locked by the interlaced iron nets, but it is still transparent and smooth. The clouds and breeze outside are drifting across the roof, and the old paulownia trees in the courtyard can't stop the branches and leaves stretching upwards. Frames of yellowed old photos hung on the trunk, as if telling the past wonderful under the sun. Under the tree is a group of high-back chairs made of logs, which surround a large dining table of the same texture, which is stocky and heavy. A Russian iron furnace is waiting quietly under the old paulownia tree, as if waiting for the past years. The other area under the wrought iron zenith is occupied by romantic white, beautifully shaped white rattan sofas, fabric tablecloths embroidered with white roses, white fabric sofa towels and cushions, decorated with green plants and The flowers exude a strong Russian village style.

Facing the paulownia tree, there is a set of white wooden bookcases that are as high as the roof, without special processing techniques, and are ordinary and simple. The bookcases are also outdated magazines, exuding nostalgia. A small white storage room is separated by a small red-brown bar. The bar and the dining table and chairs in the courtyard form a rustic leisure area. In order to make this leisure area harmonious with the atmosphere of the whole home, the owner hung white gauze curtains on the wall cabinets. As a response to the main color of the home, the white gauze curtains have hollow laces, and the atmosphere of home drifts out through the gauze curtains; The owner also hung an old wooden picture frame on the wall with a letterhead inlaid. Old wooden picture frames, yellowed letterhead, and faded pen writing create the atmosphere of the old time, permeating the charm of "ancient".

The white and nostalgic atmosphere exaggerated each other in the main room. The white ceiling is covered with a grid of wooden strips; the white craft chandelier is made into a cluster of blooming roses, blooming gracefully on the roof; the mottled and rough cement wall is painted with white paint; the coffee table and sofa are hidden in Under the white fabric. In a white atmosphere, an old hat and a few old photos tell the things of those times.

When you walk into this home, you can inadvertently find a strong Russian complex, a beautiful small iron stove under the old tree, a coffee machine on the bar, a wrought iron wax table, an iron box for a telephone, and a pattern on the dining table. The chic dishes, the exotic mirrors in the bathroom, the Russian complex and the white nostalgic mood are in harmony with each other.

In the home decoration of this old house, white and nostalgia become the main theme. The shades of white no longer only represent a color. For those old-style furniture and Russian-style decorations, white has become the background of the mood.

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