Idea 23 Fabric seam becomes an element of decorating home

2021-05-31 13:12:59 • by deer hardware

The fabric backrest and cushion are always indispensable items for home decoration, and the decorative seam on the upper side is an indispensable detail. A variety of seam decorations add color to plain fabrics and icing on the cake of beautiful fabrics. Although it is a supporting role, it is varied and worthy of any protagonist.

The richly folded lotus leaf edge is an indispensable element in adult fairy tales. It expresses the sweetness of life playfully. Therefore, it is a frequent visitor in the pastoral style. Even as long as you see it, the environment will be given the title of pastoral. It's so overwhelming. The fold effect of the lotus leaf can eliminate the plain feeling of decorating with the same color or material. The four corners of the backrest are decorated with bows or lace, which is unique while showing the style.

The style boundary of the wide border is not very clear. It is suitable for the pastoral and modern, so it can only distinguish its identity from the color. The lace decoration on the wide side and the wrinkle treatment on the backrest make the backrest and wide side of the same material and color look more three-dimensional.

Piping is a small and subtle hemming decoration. It does not have a clear style definition. It is suitable for all types of rooms. It is a safer and not easy to be eliminated type of hemming. The modern-style backrest is suitable for piping with the same color fabric to make it look simple and generous. The color of the piping is the same as the color of the backrest pattern, which not only echoes each other, but also makes the outline of the light-colored backrest more vivid.

Sofas are rarely decorated with seams, but because plain fabrics lack three-dimensionality, the piping on the edge of the cushion makes it look more unique. The piping, which is similar to the lotus leaf, not only has a rustic style, but also makes it difficult to deform when sitting. The thick sofa cushion gives people a comfortable feeling, so the appearance of the cushion should be strengthened, and the protruding seam can make it look stronger. The large cushion is more space-saving than the sofa, and the exaggerated piping divides each area of the cushion very clearly.

In addition to gorgeous fabrics, some natural material piping is also unique, especially in winter, natural fur, fur and other decorations can bring a warm feeling. The piping of the bed cover of rabbit fur is like a princess in a fairy tale, full of romantic colors; the seam with pebbles is relatively rare, like an ancient product; the tassel of deerskin is suitable for a classic and deep style, and it is the best match with solid wood furniture. ; The same is hemp rope and leather rope, thin, light and supple, thick and bold and unassuming; the tassel seam made of its own material on the leather backrest is full of strong western style.

Hemming has become an indispensable element to beautify the family with its ever-changing details.

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