Idea 25 The tranquility and serenity of Fontainebleau

2021-05-31 13:26:17 • by deer hardware

Fontainebleau, a small town on the left bank of the Seine River in France, where the Naomi family has lived for many years. Although there is no bustling Paris or the hustle and bustle of Lyon, it has the tranquility and tranquility that nowhere else.

Naomi's family lives in an old house. The hospitable family is very social and has many friends, so the living room is crowded with all kinds of seats, including back chairs left by grandparents and newly made sofas. , Even the boxes for sundries are wrapped softly, so that people sitting together can put their feet on them comfortably, and they can be used as seats when there are more people.

A lot of purple and white are used in the living room: purple velvet sofas, floral cushions, and even the small ornaments placed on the side cabinets do not break the rules. The pattern around the large mirror on the wall is carved out by hand, and the delicate carving is rare, adding more charm to the simplicity of the room. What is reflected in the mirror is the cabinet on the opposite wall that leads directly to the roof, and the TV is embedded in it, adding a strong sense of modernity to the simplicity.

The bedroom is not big, the layout is simple and elegant. What creates the atmosphere is the exquisite relief pendant on the wall and the oil painting decorated by the pendant. This oil painting was painted by Naomi when she was married. Many years have passed. The painting is still so bright. Whenever the light in front of the bed comes on, the warmth and sweetness of the newlyweds pour out from the oil painting. The hanging plate on the wall was also hand-painted by Naomi. The large roses on the plate seem to always exude a strong fragrance, blooming warmth and happiness in the quiet bedroom.

The kitchen is equipped with very well-preserved old furniture. Although the mottled years on it are clearly visible, the environment is clean and impeccable. Naomi's artistic talent is fully manifested in her home decoration. She describes her home step by step according to her own ideas, and even the small space of the kitchen is full of her works. The large and small hanging paintings are full of artist's inspiration. Crystal clear glass products can be seen everywhere, so that people can find the master's artistic cell in every corner of this home.

The romantic and warm atmosphere also spread to the bathroom. The white walls, the white bathtubs, the white curtains of veil hanging down from the heights; the faint roses blooming in front of the windows and the girls in the oil paintings on the walls, all these set off a charming and tender mood.

Fontainebleau, in this poetic town, the Naomi family is enjoying its tranquility and serenity.

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