Idea 27 Feel the tranquility and comfort of the countryside

2021-06-01 14:04:39 • by deer hardware

People feel tired in the noisy city, but when you walk into this home, you will feel the tranquility and comfort of the countryside.

The living room is the place with the strongest rustic style, the most eye-catching is the large area of flower decoration. The flowery curtains hung down from the high ceiling like a curtain, covering the wide French windows, making people feel full of momentum.

Echoing the curtains are the carpets with large flowers and the curved sofas, but the colors are much more elegant. For the sofa's finish, a striped pattern was chosen to dilute the warmth.

In the corridors and large open spaces, the walls are all made of simple and elegant yellow-green, and the rustic style brings more peace of mind. A large blue flower wallpaper is pasted on the facing wall, which makes people feel bright as soon as they open the door, bringing a bright mood. This is also the brightest color in the entire room. Whether it's a family member or a friend, step into the room and you will feel as bright as a flower.

Adjacent to the majestic main hall is a small living room measuring only seven or eight square meters. The small living room is directly opposite the stairs. There is no door or wall, and it is integrated with the corridor and the hallway. Such an open and unreliable pattern, but under the careful design of the owner, makes people feel quiet: three facing windows, outside the window is a green landscape. This small living room is more often a place for family reunion, the furniture is simpler, the color tone is lighter, and the environment is more warm.

Another bright and welcoming place in the room is the guest bedroom. The main color of yellow and the warm flower pattern make the small room become pleasant and intimate. Even if the guests stay here, they will feel at home.

The master bedroom is very large, with a high sloping ceiling. The original three doors lead to the main bathroom, the large balcony and the working balcony. It is an empty and open space without the quiet and private atmosphere required for sleeping. So the owner chose dark green floral wallpaper and dark brown large pieces of furniture to make the space calm and narrow, and the floral pattern brings a warm feeling to the room. The door leading to the working balcony was changed into a blind window, which not only satisfies the lighting needs, but also adds a view to the bedroom. The working balcony outside the shutters is simply converted into a shower room, with a shower in the middle. When it is opened, the whole room feels like water splashing. You can enjoy it here before going to bed.

Country style is not limited to large flower patterns. The daughter's room uses pink floral patterns and fresh stripes, while the husband's study uses yellow plaid wallpaper in every color, which not only conforms to the rural style, but also retains a neutral calmness.

The restaurant is neat and majestic. The large dining table is a place where family and friends meet during the festival, but family dining here is very luxurious, so they simply moved to a kitchen with a strong rustic atmosphere. There is an extended dining table next to the kitchen cabinet, and it is more intimate and warm to eat here.

This is how the host treats guests with North American-style warm flowers, giving the most seductive enthusiasm in the home to visiting relatives and friends, leaving the quiet and privacy to the bedroom, and leaving the most comfortable and cordial to the family and himself.

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