Idea 30 The leisurely Korean wind blows the beauty of the East

2021-06-02 11:31:52 • by deer hardware

The Korean style expresses a relaxed, natural and gentle attitude. A very generous host often likes simplicity and simplicity. You can hang a few ink paintings and landscapes, or display a few pieces of porcelain, so that the atmosphere of the whole room is antique and full of profound and quiet charm.

The home we saw is such a typical model. Starting from the porch, it embodies this indifferent and cultural demeanor. The dark red gold cabinet is a typical Korean style, and the armchair and lady's table lamp reveal the quaint Chinese charm. The whole tone is not gorgeous, not anxious.

The space of the house gives people a sense of modernity at first. Almost all transparent patterns, simple sofas, and widely used mirrors, the lines are simple and smooth, without any burden. The color of the wall is light gray or light brown. Even if it is covered with wallpaper of an imported brand from the United States, the selected pattern is still very oriental. A large number of accessories are still in classical forms. Compared with the tone of the entire wall, the heavy and dim colors are discarded and the main colors are bright yellow, gold, and Chinese red. These traditional shapes and heavy colors have become the soul of the entire room.

The small size of the room and the use of too many dark colors inevitably make the space feel depressed, even if the bright sun shines in, it is difficult to remedy. In order to solve this problem, a large number of mirrors are used in corridors, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The mirror can reflect the light source and is also a beautiful decoration. It can make the indoor light bright and uniform, and can also extend the space area visually.

The ceiling of the living room is very simple, there is no main light, no corners, the light scattered from the living room is diffuse and soft, and the red table lamp is rendering a more tranquil atmosphere. The dark golden screens and traditional Korean step cabinets seem to vent the theme of the space intentionally or unintentionally. This kind of charm extends to the bedroom, where traditional black, red, and gold form the main tone of the bedroom.

The modern and concise restaurant creates a warm and active dining atmosphere. The back chairs with oriental charm are matched with the large dining table that goes straight to the table. The ceiling lamp is a very famous design in Italy, which makes the space to be detailed. Tasteful style.

Koreans are accustomed to laying soft cushions and mats on the ground, and then sitting and lying on them. Therefore, Korean furniture is small and compact, and most of them are designed with low profile. The carpenters are very particular about the details and craftsmanship of the furniture. Most of the furniture has traditional Korean wood carvings, but they are only used as a small area to decorate, giving people a sense of calm, solidity, and deep connotation.

The area of ordinary family kitchens in South Korea is not large, so compared with simple and atmospheric European-style cabinets, Korean-style cabinets are small and exquisite. Most of them are flat-shaped designs, and strive to allow people to perform a series of actions in the kitchen. Finished freely and smoothly in the space.

The Korean style is simple and refined in this way, giving people a calm and deep beauty.

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