Idea 31 The wind blowing into the South Seas in the room

2021-06-02 11:38:38 • by deer hardware

The breath of coconut groves in Malaysia has been lingering in the owner's heart. That's because I was used to seeing the trees in the South Seas and listening to the tropical wind in my childhood. For example, the leisurely life, the Zen atmosphere, and the calm wood color all gave birth to branches and leaves in the heart, and flowers bloomed in the house.

Walking into this home, you will feel completely enveloped in the calm wood color, from the floor to the furniture, and even the wall, wood is completely selected. Only subtle changes in texture and color have been made to prevent the color from becoming monotonous. The entrance door of the living room adopts a concave-convex black wooden block shape, creating a hallway effect. The light brown strip wood grain walls in the living room and the book room bring a lively change. The study room is undoubtedly the most used wood color, and it is also the quietest place in the room. The dark brown wood bookshelf blends with the brown of the floor, and the light brown wood grain wall effectively removes the oppressive feeling of excessive dark colors. All the windows in the room have chosen wood-colored blinds, so the sun shining in also magically filtered the noise of the city outside the window, casting a thick and quiet frame in the room.

Although the style of the room is calm, it does not appear to be depressing. The staggered opening and closing layout of the living room and kitchen makes the room look open, smart and interesting. The owner demolished all the walls that can be opened up between the living room and the study room, and raised the floor of the study room to form a split level. In addition to the structural interest, the split level is more practical. The study room uses carpets and low tables to invisibly reduce the height of the space, so that the study room at a high place will not form an oppression on the living room. With the help of the deep view of the study, the originally small living room becomes open and atmospheric, and it does not appear to be dull. Under the carpet in the study room, a hidden compartment for quilts and pillows is designed. The study room can be transformed into a temporary bedroom at any time if necessary.

Although the study is made open, it still has relative independence. A custom-made long sofa is placed between the study and the living room, forming a barrier between the two spaces, making the open study feel a little independent. Sight can pass without hindrance, but people cannot come and go freely. A bamboo curtain is installed between the study and the living room, and a glass sliding door is used at the entrance. When the curtain is put down and the sliding door is closed, it becomes an independent space, quietly without any interference.

Rattan products and banana leaf woven products with a strong the South Seas style can be seen everywhere in this home, ranging from sofas to small storage boxes. In the living room, a few colorful cushions, a pillow inlaid with beads in the bedroom, and a red glass lamp in front of the window, all the small decorations do not destroy the overall tranquil atmosphere, but also bring a gorgeous tropical atmosphere to the room.

The wind from the South Sea, with the smell of coconut grove, rippling at home.

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