Idea 32 Nostalgia for the Greek Aegean Sea

2021-06-03 11:24:28 • by deer hardware

Greece, a country full of mystery. With the blue sky as the background, the unmodified white wall looks unusually bright in the warm sunlight, and pink geraniums bloom beside the shutters. This is the most direct impression left to us by Aditya's home.

Walking into this home, you can capture the shadow of the Aegean Sea at will. There is not too much decoration in the living room on the first floor. Ornaments such as fireplaces, clay pots, and sailing boats are cleverly placed here, showing the Greek characteristics. Striped patterns are chosen for all fabrics, which makes people unconsciously think of the sea, bringing the unique ocean flavor of Greece to the full. The red and white striped sofa, as brilliant as geranium, looks particularly dazzling in the atmosphere surrounded by blue and white. The coffee-colored log coffee table is not only applicable but also more coordinated with the overall style of the home. The decorative plate shaped like flowers and leaves adds a lot of natural and casual feeling to the home.

On the back of the living room sofa, near the corner of the stairs, is an open small dining room. The dark blue tablecloth is matched with light blue and white striped chair covers, and the blue, white and red cushions on the sofa in the living room are matched. The color changes are relaxed and harmonious. In the corners of the living room and dining room, red and green mosaics are used to decorate the fireplace and wall respectively, which are unique in style.

Three decorative shelves were made at the corner of the stairs to place green plants and wine barrels, making full use of the idle space. The arc-shaped staircase leading to the second floor uses the mosaic technique. Two shades of blue mosaics are respectively inlaid on the stair railings and steps, and cleverly combined with the logs, making the originally monotonous staircase immediately vivid.

Going up the stairs is the world of two people. In the bedroom, a fan-shaped bed shines like a seashell on the beach, and the lavender curtain hanging from the roof envelops this romance in a very mysterious way. Not far from the bedroom is the sloping roof of the attic, a rattan sofa, and an English dressing table, easily creating a relaxing area, which is also romantic. The area behind the bed is long and narrow, and it can’t fit a large wardrobe. The designer added a set of bedroom cabinets here and made cabinet doors with shutters, which not only looks beautiful, but also protects clothes from moisture. The owner has the habit of reading before going to bed, so a small bookshelf is added between the two wardrobes, which fully meets the needs of reading.

The bright and spacious bathroom has good lighting. A large platform naturally separates the dry and wet areas. The dry area is then built with a mosaic counter-top. Two hand basins are placed on it. The open space below can just be used as a two-layer shelf. , Store some toiletries. And a unique four-foot bathtub by the window adds a touch of romance to the entire bathroom. Imagine soaking in warm water, receiving the sun's bath, with a cup of strong coffee in your hand, how comfortable it should be.

Falling in love with a landscape will make you feel nostalgic for it, and the same is true for your family.

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