Idea 33 Lazy breath pervades the old French house

2021-06-03 11:38:53 • by deer hardware

The old house is very empty, empty like a warehouse; the internal structure of the old house is irregular, and the height of the ceiling from the ground varies. But these also just provide the conditions for the decoration of a rich space structure.

The most eye-catching thing in the living room is the protruding beams on the top. The poured concrete floor retains the traces of the unevenness when it was just demolded. It is very simple and rough, with a bit of industrial flavor lingering around, giving people a kind of The feeling of time being still. The height difference and the different materials make the interior space full of layers, creating a musical note-like jumping fun.

In order to make the indoor space appear brighter under the sunlight, the owner used latex paint to paint the roof and walls white. The other walls were pasted with blue bricks, creating a strong nostalgic atmosphere. At night, the owner likes to be shrouded in dim lights, so there are only a few spotlights in the room, and then a few floor lamps.

There is a large sliding door between the living room and the small study room. The sliding door is decorated with copper plates and has a rusty distressed effect. It complains with the channel steel on the ceiling and talks about the vicissitudes of the years, and at the same time it gives people a sense of weight. Renders an alternative industrial taste.

The owner used a wall of the small study room to make a large bookshelf to store the books he has collected over the years. For easy access, a steel pipe ladder is specially made. The upper part is connected with the track, and the lower part is equipped with pulleys, which can be pushed around at will. And many old photos and old maps of the owner, together with the large bookshelf on the wall, bring a strong book atmosphere to the space.

The bathroom wall of the master bedroom is decorated with a kind of small-particle mosaic, simple, but very beautiful, looking relaxed and casual. The bathtub is made into a pool that goes up the steps and then down. The pool is large enough for two people to bathe at the same time, reminiscent of the comfort and comfort of soaking in warm water.

The headboard of the master bedroom is also decorated with copper plates, echoing the decoration materials of the living room. The shape and door of the headboard and the chairs placed in the space reveal the classical texture inadvertently. The terrace paved with wooden slats specially processed with Finnish technology shows the romantic and relaxed attitude of France, which seems to always remind you to slow down and laze on the recliner.

The restaurant is arranged at the lowest place on the roof. Due to the structure, the space is too small to place a large dining table, so only one artificial stone bar counter is made, and two bar chairs are simply equipped, which is enough for normal meals. used. In addition to the common modern furniture, the owner also collected some classical furniture, which seemed to be scattered randomly in each room. Most household items are also placed loosely, making the old house filled with a lazy French atmosphere.

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