Idea 34 Let glass interpret the dream in light and shadow

2021-06-03 11:47:42 • by deer hardware

Glass——the most common looking material, through the change of light and shadow, will become the most enchanting element in the hands of the designer.

The original size and layout of the house we saw was unremarkable. Let the glass act as the protagonist in it. It is like a game that leads people's vision, touch, and even illusion. Wandering in the air, the house seems to be covered by a layer. The bizarre halo is so intriguing.

This house uses glass as the main medium for dividing the room. The purple glass corner staircase connects the first floor and the attic volleyed from the living room, and at the same time makes the long and narrow first floor space orderly, so that the vision is no longer boring. In the unique transparency of glass, you can feel the abundance of separation and integration, which adds a touch of romantic imagination to the second floor. Climbing up the stairs slowly to the second floor, still walking in the embrace of glass.The colorful glass parapet replaces the railings, guarding the people walking on it. The lustrous colors and crystal clear materials break the monotony and conservative of traditional railings. The partition of stained glass also separates the master bedroom and the main bathroom on the second floor. The glass on the ceiling, purple, red, blue, and green, envelops the mystery of the bathroom, leaving a colorful back Up the bedroom.

The most daring separation is the two storage rooms between the first floor and the second floor. The floor of the storage room on the first floor is also the ceiling of the storage room on the first floor. Colorless transparent glass is used in the middle to make the plane slightly narrower. It becomes three-dimensional and full.

The beauty of glass lies in its permeability, while the beauty of colored glass lies in the different light and shadow diffused when light penetrates it. Walking in a room full of various colors of glass, the best thing you can experience is the beauty of all kinds of unexpected light.

The sunlight permeated in through the layers of glass, filtering out the original dazzling light, becoming soft and mysterious, and the colorfulness of the glass puts a colorful coat on the sunlight, and the light becomes a thousand Face girl, changing her image under different veils.

In places where the sun can’t reach, through glass or refraction or reflection, light and shadow spread traces in every corner of the room, blurring the imperfect space.

In order to eliminate the coldness of the glass material, of course a lot of wood must be used. The wooden floor, wooden furniture, and the attic of the wooden structure, the warm temperament of the wood has unknowingly offset the coldness brought by the glass without a trace.

Of course, the color of the glass is also exquisite. Although the glass material can make people feel cool in the cold winter, purple, red, yellow, and green, each color will evoke the warmth of spring in people’s memory, plus other decorations in the room. Warm colors such as white, wood, and black are mostly used, which naturally makes people not feel the slightest coldness.

Living in the dreamy light and shadow deduced by glass is poetic and picturesque.

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