Idea 35 The room is full of colors of the world

2021-06-04 11:00:46 • by deer hardware

The Marys often travel around the world, and this experience makes their home full of the colors of the world. The two people will not come back empty-handed every time. The decorations and works of art that have been cherished and have local characteristics, although not expensive, have become the treasures of the two people's new home.

The miniature model of Hugo's former residence hanging on the wall of the study is from France. The doll ornaments on the bookcase in the living room are from Russia. A beautiful landscape painting in the frame is harvested in Argentina. The walls along the stairs are covered with flags and emblems of various football clubs, making people guess at a glance that the owner of the house is a top football fan.

To the south of the living room is a full-length floor-to-ceiling window, which makes the whole room suddenly open up. In winter, the sunlight comes in obliquely, and you can enjoy the warmth of heaven in the room, and you can enjoy more scenery when the weather is warm. The walls of the living room are painted in fresh and lively yellow-green. Through the Mediterranean-style arches, you can see the red walls in the dining room. The floor of the living room is actually made of moss-like turquoise patterned bricks. The contrast is great. The colors are applied in large swathes, and they don't seem messy at all. As soon as I stepped into this room, I felt the host’s friendliness and enthusiasm.

Mary is also a pragmatist. She made one wall of the living room into an integral closet, the middle was used as a bookcase, and the upper and lower were used for storage. Some scattered objects that are not used all year round and are reluctant to discard are all placed inside, making the room tidy and full of life. The brown-yellow wall cabinet has simple lines and is made of solid wood, which is heavy and simple.

Although the living room is colorful, the master bedroom is the real romance. Mary chose a very pure and strong purple wallpaper for the master bedroom. It is pure and strong, so elegant that all the colors are overshadowed. But the hostess seems to have an innate understanding and control of beauty. The dressing table, chest of drawers, and footstools in the bedroom are all in the simplest white, as if willingly bowing down. The innate romantic style of Mediterranean furniture fits perfectly with the purple wallpaper. The large tail stool has the function of a sofa, put on a country-style outerwear, which caters to the main color of the room, and is accompanied by swaying gauze curtains, whether it is sunlight or moon shadows, it is filtered by the gauze curtains and sprinkled. In bed, will give birth to infinite tenderness.

There is a spacious and tidy audio-visual room on the basement floor. This is a place for friends to gather. Turn on the lights, here is a red world. You can forget the world with a glass of light wine and a new dish. Like the style of the staircase wall, in the small kitchen, the refrigerator creates the world's scenery. Refrigerators from various countries are posted here to show different expressions. The Marys are like this, blending the colors of the world in one room, and enjoying the wonderful world without leaving home.

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