Idea 37 Picking up the touch of being soaked by love

2021-06-04 11:30:19 • by deer hardware

The Rebecca and his wife have four lovely children, and they live in an ordinary villa. From the outside, there is nothing special about this villa, but it is amazing when you open the door-so magnificent and real!

There are no complicated details in the design of the home, and the entire space gives people a unified visual experience. The concise design contains impressive power. Looking around the entire home, there is not a touch of redundant colors and cumbersome decorations. No matter the living room, bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, simple, accurate and powerful design concepts are the best interpretation of style.

The first floor is an accessible space where children can run around at will, but they can't find a door to stop them. The open structure allows the sight to travel in the most free state. With a wide field of vision, simple shapes, invigorating self-leveling floors and hand-painted walls without a trace of pretentiousness, coupled with transparent light, you can feel the strong attraction of simple design when you are in it.

On the stairs from the first floor to the second floor, the tall stair handrails and the delicate walls give the sophisticated staircase shape a delicate texture. The elegant yellow and white colors are matched with the original wood color to truly restore the most pristine state of the house.

Ascending the level, all the way was moved by the concise and exquisite details. In the wide corridor on the second floor, there is only a soft collapse. This is a good place for children to play and read. It is also a place for the family to lazily enjoy the afternoon. The large and small pillows on the soft couch express the warmth and beauty of the moment in a rustic style. At the end of the corridor is a rectangular porthole. Light penetrates from the hazy frosted glass, which adds a bunch of agility to the interior, which can be described as unique.

The bedrooms of the Rebecca couple and their four children are concentrated on the second floor. The couple’s bedroom has spacious and bright floor-to-ceiling windows, quiet and comfortable. The white floor-to-ceiling curtains diffuse a simple and romantic atmosphere. From the bedding to the accessories in the bedroom, all are harmonious and unified coffee tones, simple and atmospheric. There is no extra decoration in the bedroom. A baroque-style chair and a relief work hung on the wall create a low-key and calm introverted quality, which also highlights the elegant artistic temperament.

In the corridor leading to the open bathroom and dressing room, one side of the space is closed and turned into a spacious cloak storage room; the opposite side is a large floor-to-ceiling mirror, which not only adds vivid light and space changes, but also convenient and practical.

The minimalist style of this home has been intensively displayed in the kitchen. Walking from the spacious and bright living room, you can see the silver white appliances, furniture, lamps, neatly arranged in an orderly manner, full of avant-garde feeling.

Although it is simple, but the owner did not let go of the requirements for quality. Rebecca specially customized a full set of built-in kitchen appliances. The built-in double-door large refrigerator can satisfy the food enjoyment of the whole family; the oven, microwave, and disinfection cabinet truly position the quality of kitchen life.

Like all mothers in the world, Rebecca has endless love and care for her four children. The handsome eldest son is a little sensible. In his room, an indomitable Union Jack occupies almost half of the wall, in order to let the child belong; the baby girl's room chooses soft colors and is decorated with warm and delicate flowers. Full of English country style. Although the styles of the children's rooms are different, the mother's effort is the same. The soft furnishings in the rooms are many fabrics purchased by Rebecca from all over the world, which are both beautiful and comfortable.

In such a seemingly empty and clear space, everyone will feel that they can easily pick up a touch of being soaked in love by bowing their heads.

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