Idea 40 lock the splendor of the Mediterranean at home

2021-06-07 17:32:14 • by deer hardware

The Mediterranean Sea is like a wonderful dreamland. The pure beauty of the sun, the classic romance of azure blue, so easy and beautiful, close to people's hearts. In home decoration, as long as conditions permit, the Mediterranean style is a great attraction to everyone.

In this cozy residence we saw, the romantic shape from the ocean, the natural bright colors, and the rustic and comfortable furniture and accessories create a quiet, romantic and free atmosphere.

The living room on the first floor is tall and wide. The moment the door enters, the perfect pair of blue and white conveys the breath of the distant ocean. The living room has good lighting, and the curtains hang down from the ceiling to the ground, but they are neatly gathered together, letting the light come in wantonly. The soft and comfortable European-style white sofa is matched with a blue and white sofa towel. A white oak coffee table produced in Northern Europe is placed in the middle of the sofa, which looks refreshing and peaceful under the light.

The wall is directly rendered with soft artistic paint into a light blue on the top and bottom, highlighting the artistic effect and natural texture of the interior, and people can't help but feel the urge to touch it, as if the sound of color flow can be heard at any time. The ceiling of the ceiling is handled rough and simple. The designer is contrary to the common design of the whole wooden beam, using strong and durable red pine to make the beams in the shape of branches, which can bear the weight of the roof to the maximum, and it is novel and beautiful. It also makes the house stronger. The Mediterranean-style wrought iron lamps are unique in design, decorating the living room and living room. Handmade mosaics are used in the kitchen to give this place full of home life a sense of comfort. Perhaps these bright and bright colors with higher saturation are closely related to nature, and being in this residence feels very close to nature. The decoration in the restaurant is even more unique. The chandeliers made up of hanging spoons and forks make the place unique. How can you not be appetizing when you are in it.

The living room at the entrance is the opposite of the living room. The area is small, but it extends the Mediterranean style, and the traces of mix and match are very strong. Except for the fireplace hand-painted with stone tools and white plaster, which has a Mediterranean flavor, the other furniture and ornaments are almost all from Morocco. The leisure platform made of bricks under the fireplace is the most commonly used technique in the Moroccan style. Just put on a few cushions and you can directly use it as a sofa, which can be described as versatile. In addition, the decorative cabinet placed in the middle of the living room comes from Nepal, with two typical European-style leisure chairs, which also adds a bit of exotic atmosphere to the home. The combination of multiple elements and plenty of sunlight makes it very warm and comfortable.

The arches in the corridor are a unique feature of Mediterranean homes. Arched, this shape is full of avoidance. I always feel that there are touching stories hidden behind that door. Passing through that door is really jaw-dropping. The decoration on the ground is quite shiny. The designer broke the mirror and used fragments and natural stone as the main material to pave the ground, giving the entrance a complete renovation. The most beautiful decoration here is a tree branch crystal chandelier that descends from the sky, hanging from the ceiling to the ground.

The master bedroom on the second floor is the owner's private garden. The bright yellow is chosen for the interior, which fully expresses the charm of colors and carries enough passion. The soft cushions, beautiful oil paintings, and light reed flowers outline delicate life scenes.

The color of the main guard seems to be more refined, yellow is still the main color, but the curved window has chosen the color of lotus root, and the taste of the sea appears more pure.

The wash basin at the entrance of the main bathroom is designed in the shape of a shell, which is quite dreamy. It complements the stained glass mosaic on the hand-painted wall, making the bathroom a place where people can stop and admire. The large bathtub adds a sense of comfort to the bath, and the shellfish ornaments placed on the side of the bathtub give people a strong sense of ocean.

In this home, iron art, pottery bricks, natural stone art, candle holders, and wood cabinets are all back to the original Mediterranean style; and in the living room, bedroom, and corridor, there are Picasso paintings everywhere. In this way, "sea food" accompanied by a strong artistic atmosphere, creates a place of peace of mind.

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