Idea 45 A small world in a mansion

2021-06-16 13:16:59 • by deer hardware

The three-storey villa of more than 400 square meters can be moved by elevator up and down the stairs. It has a separate audio-visual room, study room, lounge...all functions, which sounds like a luxury house. But when you enter the courtyard, you will be greatly surprised: no sculptures and fountains are visible in the field of vision, and there is no such luxury at all. The courtyard surrounding the entire villa is decorated with small scenery step by step, so people Suddenly stepped into a cool state.

Pushing the door into the room, it is also a European-style classical living room, without the imposing Roman columns and gilded plaster ceilings.Dark brown furniture, camel soft decorations, and deep and atmospheric styles, but it is not the thick and dull as common in European living rooms.The depth and tranquility of the garden continue here. The brightness and flatness of the marble floor brings a rare refreshment to the living room, which makes people feel happy; while the garden scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling windows is more comfortable and cozy. A quiet breath is revealed from the furniture and accessories. The western classical living room and the eastern classical courtyard communicate over the years, without barriers and restraints, like the free wind fused with free air.

No matter how big the house is, the bedroom is always the most important, most private, and most personal space. The owner likes to read books. He has set up a reading area by the window of the master bedroom, and a large flower fabric sofa under the bay window introduces the rustic style into the bedroom, bringing a warm and natural feeling. The owner can enjoy a cup of coffee and the charm of a book here.

In fact, there are not many rooms that are really used frequently in big houses, but let the whole house have a quiet atmosphere that you like, and there are quiet and comfortable atmospheres in the commonly used rooms, then you will have a book in the kindness of the hands, the warmth of the light in the heart.

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