Idea48 Mixed styles unite in tranquility

2021-06-21 16:48:39 • by deer hardware

With Indian ancestry, growing up in the United States, living in China, and the wandering life, the owner of this family has an Eastern face, Western thinking, and can speak fluent Chinese. Her home seemed to follow her gaze and walk around with her feet. There were mixed and mottled cultures everywhere, but they were completely integrated.

This home is an old-fashioned bungalow, which is quietly located deep in a narrow alley. The indoor furniture comes from all over the world. The oil paintings brought from India and the Chinese-style official hat chairs are in perfect harmony; the white kitchen in line with American habits and the old-fashioned tables and chairs from rural areas in western China bring two colors and two cultures together. The limited space meets and brings about a dramatic collision; in front of the entrance made of old bricks, there are Buddhist beads from India and Buddhist statues from China.

The owner deliberately brought some things used in every country to this new home. There are traces of walking in the home. Every piece of furniture and every decoration is a record of a life and a piece of experience.

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