Idea 49 Moroccan style with different personalities

2021-06-21 16:56:26 • by deer hardware

Morocco is the northernmost country in Africa close to Europe. Its unique geographical location and long history have allowed Arab culture to coexist with modern Western culture, creating a Moroccan style with very different personalities.

Heyman's home is far away from the city, living by the lake, and is blessed to enjoy the comfort and leisure. When you push open the dark teak wood antique door, you will feel the fragrance rushing over your face. Colorful colors and natural and simple furniture make people feel energetic.

The living room is spacious and transparent, and the rough hand-painted walls are painted golden yellow, as if you are always embracing the sunlight in the room, and being in it will give you the pleasure of colliding with enthusiasm. The gorgeous and elegant crystal lamp is glamorous and plays the leading role of the ceiling. Bright and eye-catching hand-painted flower pattern murals, and hand-carved log coffee table, with a strong African style. The platform built along the wall replaces the luxurious sofa. It is simple and unpretentious, while the soft white sofa cushion adds an elegant atmosphere. The colorful cushions are crowded on the sofa, as if competing to show off. The most eye-catching space in this space is the two smallest wood carvings of African beauties. They use the small platform at the corner of the sofa as a stage and dance under the big white lampshade, injecting vitality into the living room.

In the corner of the sunny living room is a small leisure area. The warm extension of the living room has faded a lot here. The ground is covered with retro floor tiles, and a tall green plant stretches out in the sun. Two large reclining chairs create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Leaning in the recliner, the restaurant in the curved door can be seen.

An upright African wooden pillar separates the corridor from the study. The study is shrouded in wood, and all the furniture is so simple and awkward, but it gives people a heavy feeling. The artistic portrait sculptures and pottery pots marked with flowers add spirituality to the study.

The combination of red and gold in the master bedroom is full of femininity. On the wall at the head of the bed is a hand-painted peacock picture, gorgeous and gorgeous. The thin red gauze curtains can't stop the sun from swarming in, illuminating the house with magnificent magnificence. The bedroom is full of colorful Moroccan fabrics, from simple linear patterns to complicated embroidered decorations, all of which reflect the unique noble temperament of Moroccan style.

In this dazzling home, the ancient Arab culture and the mysterious African civilization are perfectly integrated. Through the relaxed spatial layout and graceful and smooth design vocabulary, a real Moroccan home dream is restored.

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