Idea 51 Let the garden be closest to the sky

2021-06-23 11:43:37 • by deer hardware

How to make the garden closest to the sky? The answer is to build it on the roof. Of course you have to have the conditions.

Mr. Yamada's roof terrace is only more than 30 square meters. After careful design, a delicate and lively roof garden was born here.

The uniqueness of the entire garden lies in the variety of clutter and not chaos. Under the overall Japanese style, rich design elements are incorporated into the narrow space. The Japanese-style bamboo fence and the red maple are combined to show a strong atmosphere of harmony. Among the heights of plants, the scenery at the other end of the pool is looming. The unique floating lights on the water reveal a quiet joy in the starry summer night. Choose a good weather, sit on the tatami mats in the tea room, enjoy the scenery, and spend the afternoon leisurely, enough to make people forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition to the distinctive plants that bring strong green to the garden, the meandering water area also adds a lot of bright colors to the garden. Various styles of scenery are unified through a series of ingenious techniques, making the entire garden look rich and integrated. The soft curve can best express the natural feeling of the pool, and the plants next to the pool weaken the outline of the pool. Under the action of a good water circulation system, the pool water is always clear to the bottom. If you get closer, you can also see the playing of fish in the water. The plants on both sides grow very densely under the care of the owner, strolling by the pool, changing scenery, and full of surprises under your feet.

The Japanese-style wooden floor, mixed with pebbles and parquet design, brings a touch of clumsy splain to the soft wood grain. The seemingly broken clay pot adds unexpected wildness to the neat plan. In a corner of the garden, all kinds of flowers vie to open up, and the classical gardening lights set off the European style full of charm.

In addition to the meticulous design of different functional areas in the garden, some exquisite sceneries cannot be ignored. The vines crawled across the window sill quietly, hugging the wall; the gardening lamp standing beside it was like a loyal guardian, watching everything around him quietly; the brightly blooming chrysanthemum seemed to be looking forward to the owner’s favor, and the bright colors were also Inject more vitality into the space. At the edge of the pool, in a flowerbed built with cedar stakes, vine plants leaned down, just waiting for the close contact with clear water.

The roof garden is the closest to the sky and the closest to our heart.

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