Which require special attention when checking the decoration 9 aspect results

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Which require special attention when checking the decoration 9 aspect results

1 Wall

1.1. Check whether the wall is cracked.
1.2. Check whether there is an empty drum on the wall. Use a small wooden hammer or other things to hit the wall. When the empty drum is hit, the sound is not real and it is easy to hear. Make a mark and fill it up with putty when decorating.
1.3. Check whether the putty on the wall is a waterproof putty. You can bring a bottle of mineral water, pour water on the wall, and touch it with your hands to see if there is mud in your hand. If not, the water-resistant putty on the wall is qualified.

2 Roof

2.1. Check whether there are cracks in the house.
2.2. Check whether the yin and yang corners of the roof and the wall are horizontal. If not, use plaster to find the bottom and then level with water-resistant putty.

3 Ground

3.1. Check whether the ground is level.
3.2. Check whether there is cracking and anti-sand: whether there are sand particles when rubbing the ground with your feet. This problem can occur if the mortar ratio or cement quality is unqualified, and the mixing is uneven.
After the general inspection, we start to check the details. The construction unit of each house is different, and the quality and design are also different. The professionalism of the supervision plays an obvious role in these aspects. The details are very important. We can't see many places, or there will be problems with the furniture in the later decoration.

4 Doors and windows

4.1. Check the strength of doors and windows.
4.2. The function of the inspection window.
4.2.1. Doors and windows are pushed and pulled smoothly, the surface is smooth and clean, there is no serious scratches, and the profile has no cracks or fractures.
4.2.2. Hardware accessories: complete, correct and firm.
4.2.3. Sealing quality: when doors and windows are closed, there is no obvious gap between the fan and the frame, and the fan and the fan, the sealing strip is not loose, not falling off, and not exposed.
4.2.4. Door and window frames, the sashes are vertical and not bent.
4.2.5. The glass is free of pollution and damage, the double-glass interlayer is free of dust and moisture, and the partition bar is uniform.
4.2.6. Check whether the drain hole of the window is open. Unopened stagnant water will flow into the profile.

5 Circuits

5.1. Check whether the sockets and switches are set up reasonably, whether the circuit needs to be modified during the decoration,-it depends on personal needs, and the second is to see whether the sockets and switches in the house are set up reasonably and convenient to use.
5.2. Check whether each light switch and power socket can be used normally. Take a mobile phone charger or plug in an electric pen to check whether the power socket is energized. Of course, professionals will use a special socket to check.

6 Waterway

The waterway is mainly reflected in the kitchen and bathroom. The general situation in the I health room is 2 floor drains, a toilet drain, a bathtub drain, and a wash basin drain. Check whether the setting is reasonable, and then decide whether it can be modified according to the needs of your own decoration, but the specific modification is The plan is to listen to the opinions of experts. The most problematic is that many people want to change the toilet's downpipe and have gained more space, but the toilet downpipe needs to be modified at the top of the downstairs, which is likely to cause a lot of trouble. To prevent It will be difficult for the owners downstairs to agree to make such changes in the future, so it is not recommended to make unauthorized changes (the method of raising the ground is prone to poor drainage), and to listen to the opinions of professionals.

7 Gas pipeline

The gas meter is a small thing that takes up a lot of space. How to adjust the position of the meter should also listen to the opinions of professionals. It must be modified by the gas company, which is very important.

8 Waterproof

The waterproof mentioned here refers to the waterproof of kitchen and bathroom. Of course, some of the houses currently delivered have been declared not to be waterproofed in advance, which requires renovation. If it has been waterproofed at the time of delivery, then we have to verify whether the waterproofing is done well. If you don’t try it before the renovation, then you will find a leak or something when the renovation is completed, then the maintenance project will be large. You have to demolish the newly renovated ground to make a new waterproof layer. The method for checking and accepting waterproofing is: use cement mortar to make a threshold to block the door of the toilet, then take a plastic bag to cover the sewage/water outlet, and then tie it up, and then discharge the water in the toilet, shallow (more than 2 cm) ). Then make an appointment with the property downstairs and the owner to check the ceiling of the toilet guard for leaks after 24 hours.

9 Pipeline inspection

The pipes referred to here refer to drainage/sewage pipes. Utah is a sewage outlet such as a balcony. When accepting, take a water container in advance, and then pour the water. See if the water flows away smoothly. Why accept this, because during construction, some workers tend to "steal" this job when cleaning. Some cement slag is poured into the drainage pipe and flows away. If the cement is sticky, it will be blocked at the elbow, causing difficulty in drainage. There is another situation, but it is related to acceptance and confiscated. That is to see if the sewage pipe has a water storage and anti-odor elbow. According to experience, if the sewage pipe does not have a water storage and odor-proof elbow, then the overall house quality will have to be scored 12 points. Why does the sewage pipe need this kind of elbow, because the elbow will store water, so the odor from the lower pipeline will be blocked under this layer. If there is no elbow, a peculiar smell will be emitted from the drain outlet of the laundry room and toilet. There may be developers who think that deodorizing floor drains are enough. Practice has proved that deodorizing floor drains are far from meeting actual needs. And because of this small place, the construction quality of the builder is often the best. -The drain pipe in the lower part of the bathtub has a backwater bend, but not in other locations. It is necessary to install a deodorant floor drain!

TIPS The equipotential protection device is mainly used for leakage protection in relatively humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Metal racks such as wash basins have stainless drain pipes. Use a wire, (the wire requirement is not less than 4 square meters) and After the stainless steel pipe is connected, it is more important than fruit to prevent leakage caused by moisture and play a protective role. In the high-end decoration, almost everyone in the home improvement is mandatory. There is a matchmaker under the iron bathtub, which is also used for wiring here: so do not seal the equipotential food.

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