6 tips on house numbers in 2020

2020-06-09 11:41:35 • by deer hadware

1、What is the house  number?
House number are numbers made of wood, mud, plastic, metal and other common materials.

2、What is the use of number words?

Numbers are not only convenient for postmen and couriers to send you letters, newspapers, and parcels, making their work easier. Numbers also promote a wider range of political and commercial activities, from recruitment, elections, censuses, and administration. Law enforcement, to the merchant to mail you a variety of promotional posters. The number word brings the most simple and easy-to-recognize convenience to the house, and it is convenient for emergency service personnel, your guests, and businesses that provide services to you. For example, we can find your location faster and provide you with high-quality services.

3、Where to install the number

The number word should be installed on the side facing the road to facilitate visitors search.
If your yard is relatively large and the house and road are too far apart, it is recommended to install it on the gate outside the mailbox or courtyard wall.
If you or someone else's car may stop in front of the number to block the number, please change the installation location. Install in a place where the vehicle will not block it.
No matter where the number is installed in your home, do not be blocked by branches, shrubs, debris, or other decorations.

The number should be placed on the porch light or outside the courtyard, so that it can be seen at night.

4、Can I press the number in the open air? My home is by the sea. Will it be affected by the sea breeze?

It is recommended to select alloy material according to the number words placed in the open air, which has strong corrosion resistance. Other materials are recommended to be installed indoors or under eaves.

5、How to choose the right size?

You should buy a number with the right size. Too large size makes you uncomfortable, and too small size makes it difficult to identify.

The numbers shall be large and thick, with a height of 102 mm (4 inches) and a minimum spacing of 12.7 mm (0.5 inches) according to the international building code

6 、how to choose the right color?
The color of the number word shall be in contrast to the background color of the installation location. This can be more eye-catching. Convenient for visitors.The stainless steel number is more versatile and can be used in different places. Such as gates, room doors, kitchen doors, toilet doors.

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