How to design your own marriage room?

2021-04-21 10:42:15 • by deer hadware

Regardless of whether you are living in a two-person lifestyle or looking forward to entering the two-person world in the future, you need to focus on the needs of the two and do some special thoughts, so that your sweet home life will be easy and happy.

1. The space design where the husband and wife live

Originally a single aristocrat, suddenly it will be transformed into a two-person life. Will you be troubled by how to adjust your living space? Don't worry, as long as you pay attention to the 3 principles, everything will be fine.

1.1. Fast conversion mode

Some furniture for single use, such as single beds, fixed bed sets without dressers, desks for single use, etc., should not be fixed, so that they can be replaced at any time without having to spend money to adjust.

1.2. Reserve storage space

In terms of space, first reserve the positions of the wardrobe, shoe cabinet, and chest of drawers that will be added in the future, and consider the storage capacity so that there will be no problems at that time.

1.3. Pay attention to privacy issues

When the two live together, the transparent bathroom, bedroom with a full view from the living room, etc., are all in line with the future of life and should be designed in advance. All unwell

2. 8 ways to create a sweet space

Since it is a two-person world, how to create a sweet living space is a goal worth striving for.

2.1. The overall romantic lighting

Don't just use ceiling lights, use hidden lights, especially at the head of the bed. It is necessary to make more changes in the control of the entire light source.

2.2. Soft master bedroom colors

The color of public spaces such as the living room and dining room can be a bit stronger, but the master bedroom should adopt soft and warm colors, such as ivory, beige, light rattan, lotus root, etc., which are all good choices.

2.3. Mural to increase the atmosphere

Murals have certain effects that cannot be achieved by painting, especially those with texture, pattern changes, or special colors. If used properly, they will have the effect of drawing a dragon and a clearer.

2.4. Double bed

The choice of bed group should not be too fancy as far as possible, it should be comfortable, and the style should be the style that the two people like.

2.5. Decorations for common memories The photos of the two traveling together, the ac

cessories they bought together, the gifts they gave each other, these ornaments with common memories, the most representative of your life, is an indispensable estrus token.

2.6. Potted plants that embellish the mood

Some small potted plants can make people more relaxed, and a suitable location-level space will add sentiment to the entire space.

2.7. Music

In the design, if you can imagine the control of the sound ##, it will feel better. Using devices like ceiling speakers, wireless remote controls, etc., you can comfortably enjoy the environment surrounded by music.

2.8. Sharing a cozy corner

It is very important to create a special corner. It can be a place for you to chat and enjoy leisurely.

3. Reservation of extensibility functions

When two people live together, there will always be problems that they did not encounter when they were single. This is also true for the living space, so you must plan ahead.

3.1. The birth of a child

If you are likely to welcome the birth of your child here, you must consider the issue of housing, and it is more practical to reserve an adjustable space such as a study room and a multifunctional room in advance.

3.2. Moving in of elders

If the elders in the family plan to move in, they must first try to make adjustments and reserve room for guest rooms so that they will not be caught off guard.

3.3. Increase in storage

In addition to general storage such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, etc., with the extension of the living time, there will inevitably be some sundries to be stored at will. At this time, lockers and storage rooms can come in handy.

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