how far apart should coat hooks be?

2021-01-12 13:11:04 • by ryan

In people's daily life, the coat hook is a common necessary thing at home. The reasonable customization and installation of coat hook can bring great convenience to our home life.
Generally, the coat hook can be divided into single hook and row hook according to the shape and structure.
Single hook, generally used in the entrance channel, living room, bedroom and entry wardrobe.
According to the needs of the application, the single hook can be installed separately or in combination. When used in combination, we can directly install it on the wall, or fix it on a panel first and then install it on the wall.
For the installation spacing of single hook, we give the following suggestions:

1. Living room
In the case of temporary storage, we suggest to increase the spacing appropriately, which can be set at 35-40cm.

2. Bedroom
It is suggested that the spacing can be reduced to 25-30cm, which can not only maintain ventilation, but also save space.

3. Cloakroom
It is suggested that the clothing hook should be about 20cm in the area where the shirt is hung to ensure the cleanliness of the clothes.
The place where you hang your coat is about 40cm, which gives you enough space.
The place where the hat is hung is about 60cm, and the width of ordinary hat is generally less than 60cm.

4. Kitchen
Adjust the position according to your own needs. The general principle is to adjust according to the width of the largest kitchen article. You can also pick and move the hook. Such as magnetic hook. It can be moved easily. According to their own needs, adjust the installation position at any time.

For the installation spacing of the coat rack, we give the following suggestions

The general spacing is 8-10cm. Of course, we also provide row hooks with adjustable spacing.

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