Which season is the best for house decoration?

2021-03-28 14:30:12 • by deer hadware

Decoration in different seasons has its own advantages and disadvantages, generally in summer and winter, so it can be seen from the following aspects.

Summer decoration

Some people say that summer is not suitable for decoration, because it is sultry and humid in summer. In fact, the objective conditions of high temperature and volatile water in summer are beneficial to the construction. In summer construction, as long as we deal with the problems that should be paid attention to in summer, safe, reasonable and efficient construction, according to the normal construction technology, construction procedures to do every work, you can also make satisfactory projects.

1、Selection and purchase of general cement

The malpractice of summer decoration mainly lies in the mud as part, after the cement mortar is mixed, it is not long dry, which is very disadvantageous to the construction, which will lead to the floor tile empty drum. If you want to decorate in summer, choose to buy cement, it is best not to buy early strength cement, for example, after the cement label has a R better not to use, just need to buy general cement.

2、Dry completely before doing carpentry
After the floor tile is finished, pay attention to the maintenance with water. Every year at the turn of spring and summer and summer, the moisture is great, which is also very disadvantageous to wood work. If time permits, it is best to wait for mud and water to do, after a period of time to do carpentry, the best time to place more than 10 days, so that the wall and ground moisture volatilized before construction. But this also depends on the weather conditions, if it is continuous high temperature and dry weather, then there is no need to worry about; and if it rains continuously, 10 days of placement is far from enough.

3、Dry putty and paint again
Paint is also part of the need to pay attention to. When the interior wall coating is treated, because it is affected by the hot summer climate,In order to pay special attention to its stability, bonding strength and initial drying crack resistance. When Rain Water more books to dry putty and then brush the paint on the wall, if putty does not dry directly brush paint, will cause wall cracking, blistering, peeling in the future. For wood products, whether it is varnish or mixed oil, remember not to brush when it rains. Ask the construction team to do some other work first on rainy days. You can even suspend work for two days, and don't do paint work on rainy days.

4、Summer moisture-proof treatment

Summer decoration should pay special attention to the moisture-proof treatment of wooden materials. Because of the humid and hot weather in summer, the wood material contains more moisture, and when the moisture evaporates in the dry season, the wood will dry and crack. Therefore, before summer decoration, wood should be moisture-proof treatment, brush moisture-proof paint on the surface of wood products, need anticorrosion treatment but also brush the primer. Summer is a peak period of indoor air pollution, with the increase of temperature and humidity, the release of harmful gases will also increase. Data show that indoor air pollution tests in summer will be 20 per cent higher than in other seasons. Consumers in the summer decoration, do not blindly avoid heat to turn on the air conditioner, should maintain indoor air circulation, so that harmful substances distributed in a timely manner.

Winter decoration

In winter, some friends think that the temperature is low in winter, which will affect the quality of decoration construction. In fact, with the improvement of home conditions, the wrong concept of "winter is not suitable for decoration" has long been broken.

1、Influence of net temperature on Construction
Usually, the ambient temperature of coating should not be less than 5%, and the ambient temperature of varnish should not be lower than 8C. Therefore, in the construction process, we should strictly apply the temperature in the product description. At the same time, the winter wind sand in the north, we should pay attention not to let the sand particles fall on the surface of undry paint, if the wind cooling weather, it is not appropriate to carry out oil work, so as not to affect the paint effect. The wall, the top surface paint how much to adjust how much, the first day adjusted the paint did not run out, the next day had better not continue to use.

2、the temperature is suitable.
In winter, If the temperature of the construction site is lower than minus 59 degrees Celsius, the painting of the paint can not be carried out. But at present, most families have heating, and the room temperature is generally not below minus 5C, so it will not affect the spray brush of paint at all, let alone the quality of interior decoration engineering.

3、Use of dry wood

Winter is the lowest moisture content of wood in a year, and the drying degree is the best. The use of this wood in winter decoration, the finished product is not easy to crack, deformation. In addition, indoor hot heating, will also make wood and carpentry work stand a severe test. In the construction period of 30 days to 60 days, the potential dry cracking, deformation and other problems will be exposed before painting or before delivery, and the construction staff can repair or remove them in time. In this way, the wood decoration after paint can maintain non-cracking and deformation for a long time. But the winter climate is dry, the wind sand is big, will often bring some trouble to the paint finishing. For example, the concentration of paint increases, it is not easy to brush; the drying time of paint is short, it is not easy to master the "fire" and so on. If you do not pay attention to closing doors and windows, the surface of undry paint will often fall into dust and fine sand, which will damage the quality of decoration works.

4、Selection and purchase of a variety of materials
With the development of science and technology, many new decorative materials are no longer limited by the season and can be constructed at any time. For example, tile and composite wood floor, PIC materials, iron, stone and so on, the requirements for temperature and humidity are not high, generally can be used in winter construction. So in winter decoration will not affect the quality of the project, you can rest assured of decorating their own bedroom.

Winter cold and dry, we should pay strict attention to safety, garbage should be cleaned at any time, sawdust, shredded wood chips and other flammable materials should be cleaned at any time, paint and other items should be placed separately in balcony and other ventilated places. In indoor heating, it is very easy to cause anoxia, poisoning and other conditions, and even cause fire. In addition, in the area where there is too much dust, it is also necessary to pay special attention to the possibility of dust explosion in the wet area of the lake, but in the dry area, dust (powder combustible solid) may cause explosion in the event of open fire at a certain concentration.

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