How to calculate the quantity of decoration materials?

2021-03-31 11:24:57 • by deer hadware

1. Look at the decoration drawings.
2. Read the quota description and calculate the engineering quantity.
3. The measurement data must be accurate.
4. The unit of measurement must be clear.
5. The production process should be explained in detail.

Look at the decoration drawings

Before reviewing the budget, the drawings should be reviewed first. A set of complete, detailed and accurate drawings is the basis of the budget quotation. Because the quotation is based on the specific area, length, material and technology used in the drawings. If the drawings are inaccurate, the budget will definitely be inaccurate. The main reference data are the elevation and cross-sectional dimensions of the wall and cylinder, the decoration materials and methods, the connection processing of the decoration parts and their components: the skeleton of the ceiling; the types and materials of doors and windows; paint, paint, interior lights, mirrors, cabinets and other items Size and practice requirements to be carried out.

Calculate engineering quantity

First read the general description of the quota, and then follow the order of the quota, compare the relevant content of the drawings, read the step-by-step instructions and the engineering quantity calculation rules, and select the listed items to calculate the engineering quantity. Then apply the quota or unit valuation table to calculate the direct cost. The calculated engineering quantity is multiplied by the labor cost, material cost, and mechanical cost in the quota one by one according to the measurement unit required by the quota project number, and the total is the direct cost of the project.

The measurement data must be accurate

Errors in measurement data are also one of the factors leading to inaccurate budgets. Therefore, we must be careful in the process of verifying measurement data. The specific operation method can refer to the drawing to check the specific quantity of each project in the budget.

The unit of measurement must be clear

In the budget, it may happen that the budget exceeds the plan because the unit of measurement is not clearly seen. Therefore, in the process of checking the budget, the unit of measurement should be checked carefully. In terms of furniture production, the decoration companies are quite different. For example, when making large wardrobes or bookcases, some companies use extension meters and some use square meters. At this time, you must pay attention, because furniture calculated by square meters is always calculated by multiplying the unit price by square meters, no matter how high or wide. In fact, the furniture calculated by the extension meter has a height limit.

The production process should be explained in detail

Prevent the occurrence of unreasonable budgets due to unclear production processes. -Under normal circumstances, the decoration company should tell the owner what material and craftsmanship the quoted price is made of. From the point of view of construction technology, various methods, materials and labor vary greatly. Therefore, when budgeting, all production processes are required to be as detailed as possible.


Check whether all the projects in the budget are complete, whether the things to be done are listed on the budget table, whether there is underreporting of a door or missing the kitchen wall tiles and the skirting line in the bedroom And other phenomena. When these missing projects arrive at the construction site, they must still be done. This will inevitably increase the number of decoration projects, which will increase unexpected expenses.

Solutions for insufficient budgets

Solutions for insufficient budgets

1. Planks
2. Kitchen
3. The price of lamps and lanterns is very random
4. Bedding
5. Aluminum windows

6. The choice of sanitary ware should be based on your own financial ability


If you want to save money, you can use the siding to save money. In addition to the moisture-proof function of the cabinet nail siding, there are also serious considerations. If there is no problem of water seepage on the wall and no heavy objects are placed, it is not necessary to nail the cabinet wall. This saves money and is aesthetically pleasing. Make your home more beautiful.


If you want to save money in the kitchen, you must start with kitchenware and ceramic tiles, and you can use domestic products to reduce your budget.
The price of lamps and lanterns is very random
You can choose according to your needs when buying. Lighting fixtures are installed according to indoor needs. There is no fixed pattern and price. Usually, if the living room needs lighting decoration, it may cost several thousand yuan. If you don't need it, you can install the ceiling light directly, which only costs tens of yuan. Therefore, the cost of the lamp is determined according to the economic conditions and requirements of consumers, which is very random.


If there are many children in the home, then when designing the children, consider designing the children's room as much as possible. When designing the children's bed, it is better to raise the floor and place 2 single mattresses on the floor to save 2 The cost of a single bed frame. Although the raised floor requires additional money, it is still cheaper than the cost of 2 bed frames.

Aluminum window

The most cost-effective way for aluminum windows is to use three-sided aluminum windows with 5 mm thick tempered glass. If you use lattice-shaped aluminum windows, it will be twice as expensive. Therefore, it is recommended that if you have limited economic conditions, you can choose more Practical aluminum windows.

The choice of sanitary ware should be based on one's own financial ability


In terms of sanitary ware, ordinary toilets need toilets, wash basins, bathtubs, and high-end decorations will also have bath rooms. For a bathroom of 4 square meters, if you use high-end sanitary ware completely, the cost will exceed 10,000 yuan; the cost of using mid-range sanitary ware can be compressed to 5,000 yuan; if economic conditions are limited, the lowest price can also be controlled within 2,000 yuan.

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