How to calculate the decoration cost?

2021-03-31 10:23:59 • by deer hadware
  1. Decoration design fee 3%-5%
  2. Decoration material fee 40%- 45%
  3. Renovation labor wages 18% - 25%
  4. Decoration management fee 5% -10%
  5. The cost of the decoration company 15% - 20%

1.Decoration design fee

The design fee refers to the measurement fee, plan design fee, and construction drawing design fee of the project before construction. This is not a hard indicator. If you are familiar with these and can control the entire construction site, you can first list the projects you are going to do, and then give a general idea, and then follow the principle of construction and design. -Under normal circumstances, the design fee will only account for 3%~5% of the total cost.

2.Decoration material cost

The cost of decoration materials occupies the largest proportion of the decoration expenditure and is the most important factor affecting the cost of decoration. The more investment in decoration, the greater the proportion of decoration material costs. Decoration materials can be divided into main materials and auxiliary materials.

2.1 Main material fee

It refers to the finished and semi-finished materials involved in the decoration construction according to the construction area or a single project, such as floors, tiles, sanitary ware, lamps, hardware locks, etc.

2.2 Auxiliary material fee

Refers to materials that are difficult to calculate clearly consumed in decoration construction, such as cement, sand, iron nails, water-based adhesive tape, electrical tape, adhesives, etc. There are many kinds of decoration materials on the market, and the grade and quality vary greatly. What grade of decoration materials to choose directly determines the level of decoration costs. The number of decoration items and engineering quantities is also a direct factor that affects the cost. For example, how many cabinets are made, what kind of ceiling to hang, what shape, etc., will have a certain impact on the cost. Therefore, it generally accounts for 40%~45% of the total project cost.

3.Decoration worker salary

Worker wages refer to the wages of masons, carpenters, plumbers, painters, etc. Each worker’s daily wage is multiplied by the number of people and the number of days to get the total amount of labor costs. Labor costs generally account for 18% to 25% of the total project cost.

4.Decoration management fee

The management fee refers to the expenses used by the decoration company in the management, which is for the large-scale home improvement company. In the decoration process, the decoration company will provide assistance in buying materials, entering the site to supervise the work, and coordinating the expenses required in all aspects. It accounts for 5%~10% of the total cost. If you hire a small construction team, there is no such fee.

5.Renovation company's expenses

The profit of the decoration company is generally 15%~20%. Choosing a decoration company is another important factor that affects the cost. There is a big difference between the cost of a formal decoration company and a "personal decoration". The latter basically only earns money, earns very little profit, and has no other design and management costs. For those low-end simple decorations that do not need to be designed, choosing "personal decoration" will undoubtedly save a lot of money. Of course, it should be noted that the disadvantages of choosing them are also very obvious. If you choose a formal decoration company, it will naturally cost more money.

Decoration tips
For families who are planning to find a decoration company for decoration, people often cannot answer how much they want to spend on decoration: I am afraid that the decoration company will spend money desperately if it is high; but if it is low, it is worried that the decoration will not be in place. However, do the decoration well. Budget planning is the first step. The grade of decoration should be based on your own hobbies and economic strength, there is no need to blindly compare with others. After thinking about how to decorate, you can make a budget. The specific method is to propose a budget plan based on the current market price according to the home design concept, the entire plan of decoration construction and the addition of furnishings.

How much do you plan to spend

Don't want to spend money

If you don't want to have additional expenses, you can easily make the home feel different. The best way is to make good use of what you have. For example, put on pillowcases of different colors, or put the existing decorations in place. You can also take out some long-collected cloths and spread them on the table, and move the small bonsai on the balcony to the window sill in the bathroom or kitchen, etc. Etc., give full play to the spirit of creativity and flexible use, the home appearance can still be changed!

Below 5000 USD

This number is not too much, but not too much. The important thing is how to achieve the most satisfactory results within this budget. It is recommended to take a good look at the living room, dining room, bedroom, study room, bathroom and other spaces-next, see which space or space you most urgently want to change, plan according to the key points you want to decorate, and see if you need to buy Which things can be used, which can be used. After arrangement, it’s best to have at least one space that really has a new feel, because if you change a little bit in each "room, you may not have a clear feeling in the end. So find out what you want to decorate this time." The receiving party, the focus and budget are here, and the effect and sense of accomplishment of the arrangement will be more satisfying.

There is no upper limit to spend

"How you want to arrange, you can arrange it, money is not a problem!" Such an ideal state seems to be what everyone yearns for, but it also tests the skill of the arranger. Because if you spend five thousand yuan to achieve results, and you have to spend two or three times the money and effort to have the same effect, it is not necessarily a happy thing. If your layout dreams do not need to calculate money issues, think more about the style you like and how the layout can be beautiful, comfortable and suitable for ordinary life habits, including the quality of the process and results, and whether it really meets your expectations.

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