What is green decoration?

2021-04-01 23:01:30 • by deer hadware

Green decoration is a people-oriented activity that pursues high-quality survival and living space on the basis of environmental protection and ecological balance. It is necessary to ensure that the decorated living space is not polluted and does not cause pollution to the human body and the outside world during use. In short, green decoration should meet the following standards: environmental protection, health, comfort, and beautification. According to the meaning of green consumption, a green indoor environment mainly refers to an indoor environment that is pollution-free, pollution-free, sustainable, and conducive to consumer health. Therefore, in construction, design and decoration, it is not only necessary to meet the survival and aesthetic needs of consumers, but also to meet the safety and health needs of consumers

1. The materials should be environmentally friendly

To achieve green decoration, first of all, the indicators of decoration materials are required to comply with relevant national regulations. To choose a formal decoration company, try to choose branded products for the key materials. The materials used should contribute to environmental protection. In the decoration, try to use indoor decoration and decoration materials that meet the national standards, which is the basis for reducing the content of harmful substances in the indoor air. At the same time, it should be noted that even if each material is a qualified product, it is "green", but it does not ensure that the final decoration result is also "green", because the harmful gases emitted by multiple qualified materials are added together, if it exceeds In order to improve the carrying capacity of the room, it will also cause harm to the occupants, so the decoration should be simple and concise.

2. Stay comfortable

Attention should be paid to the decoration. On the one hand, home decoration should meet the functional requirements of family life and provide a natural environment that makes people feel comfortable. On the other hand, it is to create an atmosphere suitable for family life, so that the home has a certain aesthetic value, and through association, it can also have a certain emotional value.

3. Cost is economical

Home decoration will cause a lot of expenses. Now, for each family, home decoration can cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan, and even hundreds of thousands of yuan or even millions of yuan. Therefore, in the decoration process, we must pay attention to the principle of economy and use the most economical way to achieve the same effect. This is what we should pursue.

Decoration tips There is no pollution-free decoration. However, it is possible to control the pollution level within the scope of the human body in the "green decoration" and meet the national standards. , So "green" is not absolute. As long as the good germplasm does not exceed the acceptable range of the human body.

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