How to choose green appliances?

2021-04-02 14:46:02 • by deer hadware

Light wave sterilization and silver ion antibacterial have been paid more and more attention, and many home appliance manufacturers have claimed to have sterilization function in their new products. However, the relevant departments recently conducted random inspections on home appliances with disinfection, sterilization and antibacterial effects on the market and showed that most of the publicity of the "disinfection and sterilization" effect of household appliances is not true. As we all know, the noise, radiation, etc. emitted by traditional home appliances in use often have various effects on the environment. In today's home appliances, people not only require it to have good performance and usefulness, but also require it to be safe to the environment in order to create a good environment.

1. Purchase requirements for modern home appliances

Household appliances are required to reduce noise pollution, reduce energy consumption and radiation, and improve the reproducibility of their components. Products such as resource-saving, low-pollution emission, low-noise, waste-reducing, low-toxic and safe products are introduced. For example, adding negative ion generators to air conditioners can purify indoor air: air conditioners using catalyst technology can effectively eliminate formaldehyde caused by indoor decoration and other reasons. Refrigerators can replace Freon with a new type of R410 refrigerant to prevent the ozone layer from being destroyed. The color picture tube produced with advanced technology can eliminate the impact of color TV X-rays on human health. The washing machine can reduce the number of rinsing times by reducing the amount of washing agricultural powder, and the clothes are easily rinsed, which naturally reduces waste water discharge. Some washing machines reduce the amount of washing powder by enhancing the washing capacity, while some washing machines use email water to clean clothes without even using washing powder.

2. TV radiation safety standards

Home appliances that pay attention to environmental protection are also reflected in the materials and appearance. -Some large home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, range hoods, etc. use more stainless steel shells, which are more durable and add a sense of weight. On this basis, some home appliances pay more attention to the integration of the environment and the times in appearance, and the products are rich in color and gorgeous, and the sense of the times and the decorative effect are enhanced.

3. The product name should have clear regulations

If an anti-speed material structure is added to some parts of a home appliance: it can only be clearly stated on the part that the consumer "this part contains antibacterial materials", and cannot change part of the product's performance.

Select this type of product and add it to the entire product. Consumers should shop around when choosing products. Don’t trust the manufacturer’s propaganda. Buyers ask the merchants to provide relevant consumers with a technical inspection report on whether it is environmentally friendly or not. Whether the air conditioner sound is low enough mainly depends on whether the air conditioner is energy-saving and low-noise. For washing machines, the water consumption and noise of the washing machine are important indicators to measure whether it is environmentally friendly.

Although the initial investment is relatively large to purchase environmentally friendly home appliances, long-term use can still save money, so the overall price will still have a certain advantage. Environmentally friendly appliances are expensive in the initial purchase cost, but in the later use, you can save a lot of money. For air conditioners, the power consumption of an ordinary product is about 800 watts to 900 watts, while the actual power consumption of inverter environmental protection products is only about half of that of ordinary products, which can save 0.3 kWh of electricity per hour. If it is used for 10 hours a day and 100 days a year, it is equivalent to saving 300 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

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