How to prevent air pollution during decoration?

2021-04-01 23:53:59 • by deer hadware

Air pollution mainly refers to the pollution of harmful gases such as oxygen, formaldehyde, and benzene series. Radon mainly comes from stone, formaldehyde mainly comes from plates and products processed by it, and benzene mainly comes from paint, glue, coatings and so on. The content of the above-mentioned substances in the indoor air will endanger human health if the content exceeds a certain standard. In the green decoration, green decoration materials must be selected to decorate the green furniture; the indoor space is well ventilated to ensure fresh air. The prevention of air pollution during decoration is mainly considered from the following aspects.

1. Control from the source

The use of decoration materials that meet national standards and have less pollution is an effective measure to reduce the content of indoor toxic and harmful gases. Choosing coatings and adhesives that meet the requirements of environmental indicators, pollution-free or less-polluting water-based materials can greatly reduce the content of benzene in indoor air; purchasing and using wood products that have been specially baked can effectively reduce formaldehyde Release.

2. Pay more attention when choosing decoration

The amount of harmful substances that the house can carry should be controlled in advance. For example, limit the use of plates as much as possible.

3. Match in the right proportions

Because the pollution is superimposed, it is necessary to leave the amount of pollution in advance for the furniture purchased in the future. The decoration of the family room should be practical and simple.

4. Put some green plants indoors

It can be used not only to beautify the environment, but also to purify indoor air. For example, ivy and iron trees can collect benzene and organic matter, and plants such as Chlorophytum and Aloe can absorb formaldehyde. At the same time, pay attention to more indoor ventilation. The more ventilation, the better the effect of reducing indoor pollutants.

5. Strengthen ventilation

Using outdoor fresh air to dilute indoor air pollutants, reduce the concentration of toxic and harmful gases, and improve indoor air quality is the simplest and fastest way to prevent and control home decoration pollution.

6. Air purification materials

Nowadays, people's requirements for the living environment are not only comfortable and clean, but also beneficial to physical and mental health. In order to purify various harmful gases, various purification materials have appeared, which are purified in the form of adsorption, decomposition, neutralization reaction or ion exchange. The purification amount is greater than the volatilization amount, and the adsorption rate is greater than the desorption desorption rate.

Decoration tips Compared with traditional building materials, green building materials use as few natural resources as possible in the production of raw materials, and use tailings, leather slag, garbage, leather liquid and other wastes. Low-energy-consumption manufacturing processes and production techniques that do not pollute the environment should be adopted. In the production process of the product configuration, formaldehyde, hydrogen compounds: halogenated solvents, or aromatic carbon products must not contain mercury and other compounds: do not use pigments and additives containing lead, pot, inscription, and other compounds.

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