What are the ideas for decorating your dining room?

2021-04-27 18:18:36 • by deer hadware

The design of the dining room should take into consideration the function and atmosphere. A good mood can most arouse the appetite and is conducive to enjoying delicious dishes. The frequency of use of the dining room is quite high, and it also serves the role of entertaining guests. Therefore, the dining room is a private space as well as a public space. Its decoration shape and color should be as important as the living room, and the style should be as consistent as the living room.

1. Storage and planning of the dining room

Most dining rooms and living rooms are in the same large space, and a few dining rooms and kitchens are adjacent or separate rooms. The layout of the guest dining room should consider a more flexible way to separate it. Wooden square pillars, glass, and iron decoration can play this role; of course, the ceiling is used to distinguish the space, and the floor material is different, and the living room can also be separated from the living room. The method of partitioning the dining room.

Wine cabinets and meal preparation tables are indispensable in dining rooms, especially wine cabinets, which are not only decorative, but also very practical. In order to create the atmosphere of the dining room, an exquisite glass wine cabinet can be arranged, which has the dual meaning of storage and furnishing. Small spotlights can be installed in the cabinet to make it exquisite and transparent. To create the atmosphere of the dining room, you can also design light-colored walls, hanging chandeliers, and slightly dimmed lights, supplemented by the gentle reflected light source of the wall lamps, to form a relaxed and uninterrupted dining atmosphere. If you have space, you can also fast, and the right drinks at the intimate home bar are also great fun.

2. Considerations for dining room design

The dining room is an important living space in the family. A comfortable dining environment can not only enhance the appetite, but also make the tired body and mind completely relax here, bringing a lot of romance and warmth to life.

2.1. Small apartment dining room

For rooms with a small housing area, the dining room can also be set up in the kitchen, aisle or living room. -The kitchen in the normal room is often connected to the balcony, so many people move the stove to the balcony, and make-to-order cabinets on one side of the kitchen, and the remaining space can be used as a simple dining room. Some family dining rooms are small, and mirrors can be properly installed on the walls, which can visually create a feeling of space increase. It should be noted that the dining room and kitchen must be adjacent to each other, which is entirely for convenience and practical considerations.

2.2. Large and medium-sized dining rooms

For some larger rooms in dining rooms, placing screens is a practical and artistic approach. You only need to buy a screen that matches the style of the interior. Usually, the oriental color is strong: you can also build a higher platform boundary on the ground. If economic conditions and space permit, you may wish to add road arches to separate the dining room area. Pay attention to the form, style, color, etc. of the arch, which must be matched with the dining room area, so as to highlight the role of the arch. Divide the shape, color, pattern, and material of the floor into two different parts to divide the boundaries and form two areas with different styles.

2.3. The color of the dining room

The color design of the dining room focuses on its practical and beautifying functions. The main color of the entire space should be bright and light colors, especially orange or yellow that represents food. These colors have the effect of stimulating people's appetite. In fact, people have different feelings of color in different seasons. This can be adjusted by lights, light covers and some small accessories to produce different sentiments. For example, in the hot summer, the aqua-green or light blue tablecloth with cold-toned lights can add a little coolness to people's hearts, and the feeling of heat will also stabilize.

2.4. Ground decoration materials

Family dining space uses a variety of ceramic tiles or composite floors as the preferred materials. Both of these decorative materials are wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, easy to clean, and have a variety of colors, which not only facilitate the needs of the family, but also make the dining space more convenient. Part of the ground becomes colorful.

2.5. Curtains and tablecloths

Generally speaking, chemical fiber materials are better, because cotton fabrics absorb food odors and are not easy to wash, so they should not be used as much as possible. In a limited space, some plants or flowers can be placed appropriately to make the dining room full of dynamic and vitality, not only to adjust the atmosphere, but also to beautify the dining environment.

2.6. Style

It should be considered consistent with the style of the entire room, and the atmosphere should also be based on the principles of kindness, elegance, warmth and freshness. If the dining room area is small, you can consider installing a large wall mirror on the side of the dining table against the wall, which not only enhances the visual transparency, but also makes the room appear bright through reflection, and the entire space feels much wider. The style of the dining room is determined by the tableware, so in the early stage of decoration, the style of dining table and chair should be selected.

2.7. Dining table, table and chair

The center of the dining room is the dining table and chairs. A group of pleasing dining tables and chairs should be purchased to create a dining center. The dining table and the table and chairs are generally matched. If the two are purchased separately, the distance between the chair surface and the tabletop should be 30 cm. Too high or too low will affect the normal eating posture, causing stomach discomfort or digestive difficulties.

2.8. Selection of tableware

The choice of tableware needs to be matched with the size of the space. It is not suitable for a small space with a large dining table, or a large space with a small dining table. Due to the actual problem of purchase, it is difficult for the purchaser to bring things to the scene for comparison. Therefore, after measuring the size of the table you like, take it to the site for a comprehensive comparison, so as to avoid the inconvenience caused by too large or small.

2.9. dining room walls should not be fancy

Decorating the dining room with dazzling colors is a failure of home furnishing. The color is too complex and bright, which can make people restless and affect eating.

2.10. It is not advisable to ignore the flammability of the ceiling

Be sure not to decorate your kitchen with a ceiling made of flammable materials. Because the kitchen is the place that uses the most fire, it is easy to cause fire if it is smoked by fireworks every day. Choosing a flammable ceiling is equivalent to adding a bit of fire hazard to your living room. If ceiling lamps are used, partitions should be made when the lamps are embedded in the ceiling to prevent the heat generated by the lamps from deforming the ceiling. If you want to install skylights in the kitchen, you must use double glazing for safety.

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