How to design dining room lighting?

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Lighting design needs to grasp the principles of space lighting. Careful selection and design of appropriate lighting equipment can not only create a space atmosphere, but also save electricity costs, protect the health of eyesight, and increase the family atmosphere.

1. Color

The lighting design of the dining room is the basis for creating a good dining environment. The headline of the food standard is the color of the food. For the protagonist to have good expressiveness, the choice of lighting is particularly important. At this time, a warm color light source with high color rendering will become the first choice. The three-primary-color TLE80 lamp, because it adopts the "optical palette" based on red, green, and blue, can bring the color closest to the sun to the dining room, which is the future development direction of dining room lighting.

2. Lamps

In the selection of lamps, more consideration should be given to products that are in harmony with the color and style of the dining room furniture. Let light and color blend together, and enjoy dining and communication. The round chandelier is opposite to the round dining table, and the elegant lampshade is opposite to the elegant tablecloth. Everything is symmetrical, natural and comfortable. Some family dining rooms have bar counters or wine cabinets, which can be illuminated by track lights or recessed ceiling lights to highlight the atmosphere.

3. Chandelier

The dining room lighting effect is best with the chandelier hanging above the dining table. The soft halo gathers in the center of the dining table, which has the effect of condensing vision and enhancing dining mood. However, the suspension height of the dining room chandelier, the material and form of the lampshade and the lamp ball must be carefully selected to avoid uncomfortable glare. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid dazzling and strong light hanging on the house lamp, and it is necessary to choose a chandelier with a random ascending and descending device to adjust and select the height. The second is the variability of the chandelier brightness. Dining room chandeliers are mostly hung above the dining table, their brightness directly affects the diners’ vision and dining mood, and can be adjusted appropriately according to the occasion and environment.

4. Arrange

The dining table is illuminated with three small chandeliers slanting high and low. The cleverly conceived pattern contrasts strongly with the color on the wall, which makes people regard dining as an artistic enjoyment. Some family dining rooms use glass cabinets to display exquisite tableware, tea sets and artworks. If small spotlights or small ceiling lights are installed in the cabinets, the entire glass cabinet can be exquisite and transparent.

5. Material

Common chandelier materials are mostly glass and plastic, which are resistant to high temperatures or have higher melting points. The paper lampshades that have appeared in recent years are also the material of modern fashionable chandeliers. In terms of the texture of the chandelier, the glass shade chandelier is the best, followed by the plastic shade chandelier, but the glass shade chandelier is expensive, and the shape cannot be as rich and varied as the plastic shade chandelier; in terms of cleaning and maintenance, Both can be cleaned and maintained very well. Because they are hung in the air, they are less likely to be contaminated with dust.

6. Wall lamp

Chaotian wall lamp is also a very good light source. Compared with the chandelier, it will add more drama to the room. The light from the wall up, and then reflected from the ceiling, will cause shadows in some places. You can choose what you need from many styles. But generally speaking, the semicircular wall lamp made of cement should be the most commonly used. This wall lamp can be painted at will. Therefore, you can paint it in the same light color as the wall, so that it is hidden in the wall, or you can paint different color patterns.

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