How to judge the strength of a decoration company?

2021-03-31 18:27:31 • by deer hadware

An independent and formal home improvement company should have a high degree of work responsibility and strong working principles. And can understand and master the correct construction procedures, can accurately and comprehensively understand the design and construction of a specific project, as well as the construction contract signed by the owner and the decoration company. When choosing a home improvement company, you must pay attention to the following points.

1. View relevant documents

The home improvement company must be registered by the industrial and commercial department and other relevant departments, and hold a legal and valid industrial and commercial business license and other necessary documents.

2. Look at the qualifications

As a special industry, the establishment of a supervision company must be approved by the competent department of the interior decoration industry. The home improvement company must hold the supervision qualification certificate issued by the city construction committee, and can only carry out supervision work within the scope allowed by the qualification level. Among them, these certificates are issued by different levels of departments according to different levels, such as first-level enterprises, which are issued by the Ministry of Construction. -Generally speaking, a decoration company with a qualification certificate of level 4 or above can serve the decoration family well.

3. Look at the staff

The home improvement company must have a group of professional and technical personnel. According to the different qualifications of the home improvement company, these personnel must have years of experience in decoration management and job certificates issued by relevant departments.

4. Comprehensive inspection

In the process of choosing a home improvement company, you should investigate and understand the reputation of the home improvement company to be selected, the quality of the work performance, service quality, inspection methods and other aspects, and the best is determined.

5. View designer capabilities

Home decoration is a complicated and clueless thing, but when you put it in some professional designers, you can say "scorched, thick, heavy, light, and clear". Therefore, to some extent, choosing a decoration company is actually choosing a designer.

6. On-site consultation

First of all, you can learn about the company's reputation through the Internet and other channels. But on-site inspection is the most important thing. Pay special attention to the subtleties. It can show the true strength of the company to a certain extent. For example, observe its office, the mental outlook of its employees; look at the company's relevant rules and regulations, etc. The management system of designers, supervisors and construction foremen, and the management system of materials, construction and acceptance are the prerequisites for ensuring the quality of the project.

7. Visit the model house and construction site

Visit the model house and construction site

After looking up many pictures on the Internet, I believe you have a little thought about the decoration style you want. Going to the model room for a live tour will enable you to have a concrete concept of the effect after the decoration. The unfinished projects of the watch repair company should be selected, so that their construction quality and management level can be examined from multiple strengths.

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